Amazon S3 – A Beginner’s Guide (Part 2) – Uploading to your Amazon S3 account



Here is the second part of my Beginner’s Guide to Amazon S3.


(If you haven’t seen the first part, it’s here:


In this post & video, I show you 3 different ways of uploading your media to your Amazon S3 account.


1) Directly uploading to your Amazon S3 account from your computer

2) Using a program called Cloudberry to upload (works like Filezilla)

3) Using Easy Video Player to upload to your S3 account.


Each of these have their uses, and I would say that it’s up to you whichever one you decide to use (or all 3, depending on what you’re doing!)


I explain more in this video:



Next time I will be showing you how to embed the files from your Amazon S3 account into your blog (or wherever you wish to embed them).


As always, if you have any questions about this, then please leave me a comment below.


Speak to you soon,



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  1. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    Hi Nikki,

    So I went back over and checked out your first post on this. I have always been curious about Amazon S3’s service. I know what it’s for and why it can be important to have.

    Right now the only videos I currently host on my server are videos on my training site that I don’t want posted on YouTube. I doubt very seriously they will get bombarded all at the same time as people view them so I’m not worried about that. At least not at the moment.

    The other way I use videos I host myself is with my other training site which was created for my team. For their eyes only. But this service is something I would consider for when and if that time does come that I will be creating a product!

    So now I know where to go when that time does arrive and you can walk me through exactly how to get my account up and running. Thank you so much for putting this together. I know I’m not the only person who will appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Adrienne recently posted..True Inspiration From My Most Popular YouTube Video


  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hey Adrienne,

    That’s a very good point, I haven’t linked to my previous post on this – whoops! I shall rectify that! (I did in the YouTube description but forgot to in this post).

    Yes, if you’re happy for the world to see your videos, then keep it all free and put it on YouTube. But if you want to restrict who can see them; or (as in your case) they are part of a training package then online storage can definitely be the way to go.

    Just make sure you keep a copy of your videos somewhere safe in case YouTube shuts you (anyone!) down for some reason.

    I’m looking forward to digging further into Easy Video Player as well; that has so many amazing capabilities – don’t worry, one of my next videos will be a tour of EVP so that those that don’t have it can get an overview, and those that do have it may get a better idea of what it can do.

    I’m glad you think you’ll find this Amazon S3 series useful, I will probably package it all up once I’m done & create an ebook to go with it all as well.

    Thanks for popping over here & commenting!

    Speak soon,



  3. Anna
    Anna says:

    Great info for a newbie like me! I did not know what this service was for before! I think it is great that you are explaining everything in a language that is easy to understand, like user name and password haha. By the way, I love you broomstick riding witch logo!
    Anna recently posted..Tooth bridge – as seen in old ladies’ mouths


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Anna,

    I’m glad you appreciate my insistence on using proper names for these things – buckets indeed, whatever next! Folders, user names and passwords!

    Yep, my little witch is really cool isn’t she – she’s my Purple Minxy Witch and I love being able to use her as part of my brand!

    Thanks for popping over and commenting,



  4. Ian Ieba
    Ian Ieba says:

    Hi Nikki

    This is a great series you are creating here on Amazon S3, and I found this video especially useful.

    I have followed your instructions and uploaded my videos by using method No1;
    “Direct upload from your computer” all went well and without any hitch. Thanks again Nikki for sharing this very useful information.

    I have also downloaded and saved the video for future reference! 😉

    Having just recently secured my copy of EVP I was especially pleased to see the instructions on EVP upload as well.

    I also found the video and instructions very easy to follow Nikki, and again thank you for sharing great information…

    Catch up soon

    Ian Ieba recently posted..How to Show the http:// or https:// URL Scheme in the Firefox Address Bar


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Ian,

    That’s always pleasing to hear, thank you!

    Each of these methods has their own uses; doing it directly through EVP will be great for when you then want to create all the wonderful additions that EVP can do as then it’s all in one place rather than uploading one way, then having to put it into EVP to then play around with it.

    Anything that saves me time or makes my life easier is a win with me!

    Catch up with you soon,



  5. Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice says:


    I really like the idea of putting videos in an Amazon S3 account.

    Right now I do not have very many videos and the ones I do have are on YouTube.

    I had not thought about what would happen to my videos if YouTube decided to close my account.

    This will be great for all future videos.

    Thank you for doing such a great tutorial.

    Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Goes Live


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Dee Ann,

    Likewise, at the moment the only videos that I have are on my YouTube channel ( but for future products or anything where I want the content to be restricted, then I’ll be using my Amazon S3 account.

    Make sure that you still have a copy of your videos on your computer or somewhere, so that if the worst happens and YouTube does randomly shut you down, you haven’t lost those videos forever.

    Thanks for commenting!



  6. Barry Wells
    Barry Wells says:

    Hey Nikki my Fabulous Fear Fighting Purple Princess

    Another great video with 3 easy to follow tutorials, Pat Pat Pat yourself on the back girl…. but to hard 😉

    You’re making it so easy for people to follow along and get their videos uploaded without issue. Excellent!!!

    I’ve still to finish the video that will be getting uploaded to Amazon s3 but I’ve done 2 parts of it so far. Just need to get the rest done and then put it together and upload it 🙂

    Excellent work Nikki, thanks for making it so easy for us all. You’re a star 😎

    Respect and Regards,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Another Fear Conquered Thanks To Sally Neill and My Latest Online Win


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Barry (Yikes It’s Him!),

    I’m glad that you found the video easy to follow; when I was recording it I kept forgetting what I was going to say or confusing myself – not enough tea I think! But I persevered & got there in the end (though the outtakes would be amusing, lots of me insulting myself!).

    It pleases me that people are finding my videos easy to follow (once you’ve put your ‘posh ears’ on!) as it means I’m doing something right, so it’s great to have that feedback, thank you.

    Catch up with you soon,



  7. Sally
    Sally says:

    Hey Chick

    Another fab video in da bag!

    Loving your video series, it’s ridiculous that you are offering it for free though, I seen paid products that didn’t deliver as much value as you have.

    You have a lovely teaching style, very easy to follow along and you don’t leave any stone unturned, no unanswered questions at the end, that’s what I like to see.

    Look forward to your next fantastic installment…

    Sally 🙂 x
    Sally recently posted..Learn With Sally… Four Webinars And A Funnel


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Sally,

    Wow – that’s high praise indeed! That’s really kind of you to say that I’m offering great value; that has always been my aim so if people perceive my work to be of some sort of value then that’s very rewarding to me.

    Teaching style – ha ha – me rambling on like a fool half the time! But I think it’s adding that personal touch & letting some of my personality come through that sets my videos apart from others. Oh, and the overdose of purple of course!

    Catch up with you on the call tonight!

    Nikki xx


  8. Mizan
    Mizan says:

    A really wonderful post and video tutorial for the beginners like me. As Sally said, thank you again from me that you are providing all these to us without charging a penny.
    Mizan recently posted..Learning The Truth About Abs


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Mizan,

    Thanks for coming over & commenting. I’m glad that you found my post & video useful, that makes it all worthwhile for me!

    Keep checking back or sign up to be notified when I do new blog posts so that you don’t miss out on anything else I provide.

    Talk soon,



  9. Dawn Kay
    Dawn Kay says:

    Whassssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppp Nikki (ha ha)

    I have to agree with Sally that you could of got a paid product out of this….

    Or at least used it to build your list!

    Your videos are really easy to follow and although I haven’t used evp yet I can see that your videos will make it super easy for me to get my buckets sorted (lol)

    I do have a request that I’d like to see in any of your future videos (can you guess what it is???)

    Yep a big whasssssssuppppppppppp at the start ha ha…

    Are you up for the challenge Nikki?????

    Hope so

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Randy Smith Interview – Your Questions Answered


    Nikki Reply:


    Don’t worry, this is all going to be fed into my video marketing list – there is method to my madness (just about!).

    Thanks for letting me know that you find my videos easy to follow – I know when I watch some videos people go too quickly or don’t explain enough, whereas others go really slowly…so if I’m getting a good balance then that pleases me!

    Oh I’m so on for that challenge – it won’t be the Part 3 of this series, but I’ll certainly add it into one of my next videos! Whaaaassssuuupppp!!

    Loving your interview with Randy and your Experts Let Rip podcast by the way!

    Catch up with you soon,



  10. Sergio Felix
    Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Nikki,

    The perfect combination: Easy Video Player + Amazon S3!

    Thank you for recording these, it really shows what I should be expecting in the end! lol

    Take care and hope to learn more from you. 😉

    Sergio Felix recently posted..Overcoming Fear Of Video Creation: 7-Day Challenge Summary


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Sergio,

    Yes, Easy Video Player is a brilliant video marketing solution! I shall be creating videos taking a tour of EVP and showing how some of the features work, so you may want to keep an eye out for those.

    I’m glad this is helping you.

    Speak soon,



  11. Carla
    Carla says:


    What a great overview of using AWS. I wish it had been around a year ago when I was trying to figure it out. With as many people that use it, I could not believe how difficult it was to find instructions . . . and it is definitely not self explanatory.

    I use Cloudberry myself, and I’m still getting the hang of the permissions. Every time I create a new bucket, I have to go back and read my notes on the settings.
    Carla recently posted..Adjusting to Change



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