Are you proud of your business?

I know, this may sound like an odd question.  But I’ll ask it again anyway:


Are you proud of your business?


When people ask you what you do, do you answer with enthusiasm?  If you see a Follow Friday post on social media, are you in there straight away sharing the social media profile for your business?


Or are you hesitant?


If someone asks about your website, do you tell them the URL confidently (or hand over a beautiful business card), or do you just mutter “oh, well, er, it’s not quite finished yet”.


I ask because I’ve found myself in this position – I’m in the process of updating my website and social media profiles, and so whenever I see someone asking us to share our businesses, I hesitate.  I hesitate because it isn’t ‘right’ yet.  It isn’t updated.  It isn’t a proper reflection of what I know and how I can help people.


So I hold myself back.


You may do the same?  I have to ask, who do you think this hurts?  You!  Your business!  And all the people that could benefit from your expertise!


People connect with people.  People buy from people.  So what if your FB Page isn’t perfect?  So what if your website is being tweaked?  People want to connect with you & support you (and if they don’t, then they aren’t your preferred customer anyway!).


Likewise when it comes to talking to people about what you do.  I personally dislike networking events; as an introvert, I’m much happier behind my laptop screen, and hate the forced feeling of introducing myself and what I do.  But again, who does it hurt if I can’t explain how I can help people?  Me!  And the people that I could be helping!


So I’d like you to consider – what do you need to do to change about your online presence so that you can be confident in sharing what you offer?


Do you need new graphics?  New text?  Or do you just need to remind yourself that you are valuable, your skills & expertise are needed, and that you can only help people if you share what you do?


Let me know in the comments below – how are you going to be proud to share your business, and if you already are, please share your tips!

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