I’m Starting With The (Wo)Man In The Mirror

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Lair of Temptation.

Are you sitting comfortably?  You might want to go and get a cup of tea & settle down to read this.

I’d like to do a quick shout out first to all the people on Alex Jeffreys MWA 2.0 course (and of course my friends from the MWA 1.0 course).  I’d also like to say hello and welcome to those that are on the Internet Selling For Newbies course with Omar Martin and Mike Filsaime.

Now, in the spirit of all things new and exciting, I’d like to talk to you about relationships.  No, not those kind of relationships, I could write a whole series of books on that and we’d be here all night (ok, so that comment isn’t helping!)!

I’m talking about the professional and personal relationships being formed, both online and offline.

I’ve just read an email from James Arther Ray (featured speaker on  The Secret), and he comments: “You become who you spend time with…“.  I know that I experienced this at school (yes, I can remember that far back!).  I always did better in subjects when I was with my group of friends that were also high achievers.  On the other side, when I was with friends that were (to put it politely) not focused on academic achievement, then my performance suffered.

So what does this mean for us?  Surround yourself with positive, helpful and successful people and you will all benefit as you reflect these characteristics.

Building relationships is very important to online success as well as life in general, and as with all relationships these take time to build, nurture and grow.  The problem is that too many people will build quasi-relationships based purely on the ‘What’s In It For Me’ philosophy, and then will drop the person / people once they have used them as they feel necessary.

Luckily I haven’t seen much of that so far on my online journey, although I am aware that it does go on.  But then what can you expect – we are humans, and sadly not all human nature is altruistic.  Not that I think we should spend all our time helping others; that just isn’t feasible.  But remember your old friends.  It’s too easy to get all excited about these new people in your life (be it online or offline) and just cast your existing friends to one side because they don’t hold that same level of excitement for you.

You wouldn’t be where you are now without the influence and help of your friends, and they won’t take kindly to just being sidelined for not being the latest shiny thing in your life.

Take time out of your day to appreciate the existing people in your life, be it friends, family, co-workers, whoever.  There’s nothing like a smile or contact from an old friend to help lift your day and make you feel that you are still valued.

That’s what building and maintaining relationships involves.  Show how and why you value each other. It’s a reciprocal circle.  You may think that you are too busy to do that, but that’s a terrible excuse.

Most of us or in fact all of us are guilty of wasting time.  Spend 5 minutes writing a quick email to someone you used to speak to a lot but now barely communicate.  You may not get a response straight away, don’t worry.  Half the lesson is in recognising those that used to be the top of your list, and identifying to yourself why they’ve slipped.

Now, I do of course realise that some relationships will end, and some will always have different levels of interaction, frequency and depth.

I’m not suggesting you have to be friends with everyone, that would be ludicrous.  But don’t just push the old friends aside because new ones have appeared.  There isn’t a limit to how many friends a person can have.

Fundamentally it comes down to this basic concept that I’m sure you’ve all heard a thousand times before:  Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

It doesn’t cost anything, and yet I think to a certain extent that’s why we take it for granted.  Perhaps if there was a price on friendship and maintaining positive relationships then people would perceive that to be of value to them.

Don’t be the person that loses touch with everyone simply because you prioritise new contacts over existing ones.  Remember: everyone in your life is there for a reason, whether it’s to learn from, to emulate, or to go out shopping.  You can learn a lesson from every person you meet, and it is often those we think we can learn very little from that prove to be the most educational.

Whew, quite a deep & meaningful post from me!  I’m not always like this as you’ll see if you look at some of my previous posts, but it’s something that’s been bothering me lately so I wanted to highlight it.

Anyway, on that note I’m off to email one of my friends that I haven’t spoken to for a couple of months…I suggest that perhaps you do the same…

Until next time,

Nikki / Purple Minxy Witch

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  1. Tommy McLaughlin
    Tommy McLaughlin says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Agree wholeheartedly with the post …..

    Things can always change it is life ….. I have to say I am pleased at the way a band of the MWA 1.0 Posse ….. are rallying round and actullay in their own ways playing a part in the future success of the MWA 2.0 Students and of course Alex J ….. that shows a fantastic bonding in my mind ……

    People change though ….. and it is not always the case, oh just checked my lottery ticket – I WON !!

    Nikki who?

    Joking PMW, I won’t abandon you ;-0

    Speak soon ….. When’s that book of yours hitting my inbox ?

    Take Care,



  2. Roger
    Roger says:

    Hi Nikki. You’re so right of course – I promise to look up the email of that old friend I saw a couple of months ago. I said I’d email him and I haven’t … yet ! We should keep our promises.

    And as an “MWA2.0” student, I want to thank you and all the other “old timers” that are lending their support to us as we get up and running with Alex’s teaching. There’s a lot to do, so it’s always useful to hear the advice of those that have “been there” and “done that” !

    All the best,



  3. James Woodfield
    James Woodfield says:

    Thanks for that, Nikki – I consider myself justifiably admonished. As you say, ‘busy’ is no excuse. We often fail to bear in mind how much we owe to our friends (obviously not talking about money here, in case anyone’s thinking flippant thoughts).
    Relationships with friends are among the most important elements in our lives.
    The trouble is, of course, the longer you put off communicating, the more a mere 5-minute email seems unworthy of your neglected friend; and the delay extends…
    So, everyone, do it anyway – it may not seem urgent, but it is important; so, make it a priority. Today.
    Be disciplined. Especially by Nikki.
    With best wishes,


  4. Hilary Dickinson
    Hilary Dickinson says:

    Hi Nikki

    Just catching up with this post. Yes, how often do we think “I’ll contact so and so” and we never get around to it (I have stocks of ’round tuits’ if you’re interested!).

    Like everyone I have been really busy, but I had one of the best days for ages a couple of weeks ago when I made time to go out visiting a garden full of roses and other summer flowers. It was a beautiful summer’s day in glorious countryside and I even had a splendid piece of English music on the radio for the last part of the journey (Vaughn Williams’ Lark Ascending in case you’re interested).

    Part of me felt a little guilty because I had so many things to do, but this was my room-mate from uni and we both deserved some me-time so we had it together. And did I feel refreshed afterwards!

    Yep our friends are too important to lose contact with. An email or quick call can make all the difference. I’m seeing another old friend this weekend whilst my son plays chess in Manchester – we just need to make good use of our time.

    As for new friends – I’ll always welcome those too. We need to enrich and be enriched through our cotacts with others.



  5. Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson says:

    Hi Nikki,

    This is all too true, and I’m sure that most of us are guilty…I know I am!!

    I was just heading through the twitter list in the form, and following the other students. Got here through there!

    Saw you were from Bristol so thought I’d stop by & say hi! I’m from Devon!

    Anyway better get back to it!

    Take care



  6. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for commenting on my rather lengthy post above – you should be commended for your staying power!


    Tommy, my favourite Scot! You mean you’d disown me if you won the lottery?! How rude! In all fairness, some people disown me well before that point… 😉

    You’re right, the MWA 1.0 & MWA 2.0 crew have been doing some excellent bonding, and I’m managing to inflict my usual randomness on even more people…(remember my plans for world domination?!)

    Roger, welcome to the Lair of Temptation. Do you know, I think that’s the first time I’ve been referred to as an ‘old timer’!! Have you emailed your friend now?

    James, have you recovered from laughing at some of the videos and the pictures from Vegas? I still might put a selection on a separate page here…every time I look at the pics & vids it makes me laugh – we had some good fun out there.

    Yes, so true that we then go “oh, but a quick email isn’t enough…” and then don’t do anything. As you said, relationships with friends are one of the most important elements in our lives (and tea…lots of tea…although tea with friends is even better of course!). It’s too easy to allow other things to take priority.

    As for being disciplined by me (and in fact especially by me as you put it) – well, I was wondering why there was a queue outside my house!

    Hey Hils, how’s Charlie cat now? Thanks for the offer of the round tuits, I think I have enough of those myself at the moment! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed catching up with old friends. I’ve been on a hen weekend (not mine, don’t worry!) and so was with a bunch of strangers – we all left as great friends with our sides hurting from laughing so much. So you’re right of course; new friends enrich us as well as old friends. It’s one of those things where you think you don’t have time in your day to day life to fit in catching up with people, but with technology as it is, it’s so easy now.

    Paul welcome to you as well – good to see some new faces at the Lair of Temptation as well as familiar faces…

    I’m originally from Dorset so I know South Devon reasonably well from family trips when I was younger. Moved up to Bristol for university, and just found it a little more exciting than Dorset (particularly the town I’m from – I think the phrase ‘the land that time forgot’ sums it up pretty well!).


    Still recovering from the sleep deprivation from my friend’s hen weekend, so on that note I’m off to make some tea and curl up for a doze…hope all is well with you!

    Nikki / Purple Minxy Witch


  7. Lizzie Dickinson
    Lizzie Dickinson says:

    Hey guys Im back!
    After like 2 months I’ve finally written something :O
    Shock Horror!
    Look how much Ive missed! The Gazz-mans written and published 2 e-Books! Probably even more, ive just missed them! And probably so have loads of other people!

    Please come vist me again, just dont lecture me on how I should be on more often. I know I should I’ve just been lazy! But I have the whole Holidays to get back on my feet! But I need you guys to help, could you when you pop over ask me any questions you would like to know (like the sort of stuff i’ve written, e.g making/saving money encoregment and that shizzle) because then I will be really doing what I said im doing which is answering other peoples questions :D.

    The Lizzard 😀


  8. Lizzie Dickinson
    Lizzie Dickinson says:

    Heyy Nikki,
    I am genunaley sorry from just taking and taking and not giving and giving and giving. I hate doing that, I just… Okay I dont have an excuse! I think your post relly means something and makes people think (well it did for me!) I love both your styles of writing, the first one is funny but means something, & the second – more, how shall we put it? harsh (but in a good way) and still means something. What I like is the fact you have the right balance between both of them, which keeps people reading. For example if everything you wrote was funny no-one would take it seriousley but if everything was serious (ahh theres a better word :D) then people would just get bored. But by getting the mix right people who read will both be satisified and safe in the knowledge that everytime they read a new post they will learn something usefull!
    You probably already knew all this, but just to remind you! And also to help the newbies coming over here to get your advice and stuff (you know what I mean!)

    Anyway Tata for now


    Nikki Reply:

    Hi Lizzie,

    Welcome back to the Lair of Temptation! Yes, it has been ages since we last saw you, I was asking your mum where you were the other day in fact.

    You’re right, not only about TGM but about many others from the original MWA 1.0 course – everyone has been really busy creating their own products and progressing their internet business.

    I’m glad that you enjoy my writing style, I tend to write as I talk (yes, I really do talk this much, ask anyone that was in Las Vegas with me!). As you said, people get used to a particular style and that can help to differentiate you from the competition out there. People know what to expect when they come over to the Lair of Temptation for a visit, even if it’s just to expect the unexpected!!



  9. Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson says:

    Hi Nix,

    Hmm, a timely reminder. I am a bit guilty of this myself – then you KNOW why my time has been so limited. I do have a reason, not an excuse. And I am doing my level best to maintain my contacts.

    I had to laugh at what James wrote above:

    “Be disciplined. Especially by Nikki.”

    Very amusing James!

    And Lizzie, that was a nice considered comment from you.

    Well, Nix, you know we were yakking away on Skype for ages the other day so I hope I am not disappointing you too much. When your time is reduced and there are a whole bunch of new people who contact you there comes a time where all you could do would be answer emails. My inbox is absolutely flooded and I have little red flags standing against 100’s of emails that I need to answer but can’t. Even when I do answer people back comes another email. The volume is absurd.

    (Regards – PMSL)



  10. Lizzie Dickinson
    Lizzie Dickinson says:

    Thank you Nikki, for once I am right!
    I was wondering if you knew what happened to Matt Crosses blog, when I tried to get on it, it said the link was broken? Hmmm… I wonder what happened. If you know what happened then I would appreciate it if you could tell me as I want to get in contact with him again. (See your post really did make me think!)

    Anyway have a nice holiday


  11. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hey TGM,

    I’m going to remove the word ‘regards’ from your vocabulary! I use it at work all the time, and so I don’t need it pervading my online adventures!

    Yes, I felt it was a timely reminder for a lot of people, and as it was something that was bothering me I thought I’d share in my usual way.

    As for people being disciplined by me…I did have to laugh at James’ comment! As I said, no wonder I have a queue of people outside my house now.

    Indeed we did have a nice catch up on Skype the other day, I rather miss chatting to all the Vegas Crew. I have however been inflicting myself on some new people as well as some old friends – as Hils said above, it’s through old friends and new friends that we enrich ourselves.

    Now I just can’t leave this comment alone – you said “the volume is absurd”.

    Er, yes….I know….

    (PMSL now!!)



  12. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hi Lizzie,

    No idea about Matt’s blog I’m afraid! As for your advertisement – er, what advert? I might be being daft in my old age but I can’t see it anywhere on here?



  13. marcus passey
    marcus passey says:

    Hey Nikki

    Nice choice of colour my better half loves it,

    Just introducing myself have not been here yet.

    My name is Marcus Passey might have seen me around,hope to speak soon.




  14. Jeff Sargent
    Jeff Sargent says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Yes I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’ve been trying to really branch out and hit a lot of blogs outside the MWA 1.0 group. I’ve also been trying hard to hit as many MWA 2.0 students as I can and offer assistance. That amounts to a lot of blogs.

    What’s up with Roger calling us old timers. While I certainly fall into that category he’d better be careful calling the Minx an old timer if he knows what’s good for him. lol!

    I definitely am guilty of not staying in touch with some of my oldest friends. But I don’t need to shoot them an email because even though we’re all in our 50’s it’s amazing that we’re all still living in the same town we all grew up in so I can just give them a call as opposed to an email.

    I really haven’t been out much since the beginning of last winter as I hibernate like a Grizzly because I can’t stand the snow and cold. Now we are almost through July and all it’s done here is rain. I have a beautiful 40×20 foot inground pool that the only use it’s had so far this year is for me to vacuum it out in case it ever stops raining long enough for me to go swimming.

    But back to the old friends. I told you we all still live in the same town and tomorrow we are having our annual get together at a friends camp on a nice lake. I have another friend with the same setup on a different lake and his party is next month. So at least I get to see about 50 of my closest friends twice a year at these parties. I know it’s not enough but it’s just the way it is right now.

    There I go carrying on again. Time to go Nikki. Talk again sooner that later.

    Jeff Sargent


  15. Lizzie
    Lizzie says:

    Heyy Nikki,
    DW, so far your the second person too say that! Its not your old age (and your not even nearley old, your only like27! Am i right?) Its my stupid brain!
    Anyway, Im off too ondontomoz and Ive had like 10 billion late nights so I better go to bed soon =P



  16. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for visiting the Lair of Temptation & sharing your thoughts with me.


    Marcus, welcome to the madness of the Lair! Yes, I’ve seen you on the MWA Forum, so thanks for venturing out of there and over here. How are you getting on with the course so far? Did I read somewhere that you are also on Dean’s Starting With Marketing course?

    Hey Jeff, thanks for popping over here. I know, what does Roger think he’s doing referring to me as an old timer?! I need to be at least 30 before that applies to me 😉

    Meeting up with all your friends on a lake sounds like a very good excuse for a party!

    Hi again Lizzie. 28 actually, but you weren’t far off! Hope you had fun in London?

    Mark, I have a sneaky feeling that I’ve read your post on a few other blogs…I chastised Lizzie (above) for doing that on mine & TGM’s blogs as it removes that element of personal interaction. That aside, thanks for visiting the Lair of Temptation, and I will pop over to your blog to see what’s going on over there.

    Keith, welcome to you as well. As a member of the original MWA 1.0 crew, I do of course have a certain allegiance to them! However, I have to say that those that I have been interacting with (whether from MWA 1.0, MWA 2.0 or elsewhere) have all been really positive and helpful people. It really does make a difference, as you’ll see if you look back through some of my old posts here.


    On that note, yes you’ve guessed it, time for a cup of tea…whoever said I was getting predictable in my old age?!

    Nikki / PMW


  17. michael fallon
    michael fallon says:

    Hi Nikki

    i often get emails off old friends and always try to reply if i can
    i am fifty and when we were younger we would all meet up in the pub but alas times have changed pubs are closing every day ( hang on a minute i have just realized i am sounding like a man who likes a drink mmm maybe i do) anyway yes its nice to make new friends but some of the friends i have made in the early part of my life are really true friends some of my work mates ,well that’s all they are work mates
    so thanks for the post i think i will email tez my old mate ask him does he fancy going out for a pint.

    cheers mick


  18. Sandra Rodrigues
    Sandra Rodrigues says:

    Hey Gorgeous, how are you?

    Don’t need to ask how you are doing cause I can really feel how great your blog is doing. Love your writting style, really a pleasure to read.

    I think you are spot on on the relationship ‘case’ specially for us trying to build a business online.

    I feel so many people forget or are SOOOOO scared of being just who they are online and on their businesses, that they just haven’t got a clue as to how much they are leaving behind on the table in terms of forming new and meaninful relationships.

    Fear is not a great thing when it comes to forming them and in letting people ‘in to who you really are’ I think.

    I do have a bit of the opposite problem I hv to admit. I might be considerate a bit too open sometimes and I hv a feeling some people might even feel a bit unconfortable about my honesty and with me using my entire life and even my family as examples as I go along.

    The book is a perfect example. The feedback I hd so far brought me to tears because it caused exactly the reaction I wanted to by using Nando’s and mine experiences and his past cocaine addiction. I hoped to expose what that meant to our lives and how we manged to overcome as a family. Funny enough by writting it I finally understood why it took me such a long time to finish and why I felt like I did in Vegas. I was waiting for the happy ending in real life to write about in the book.

    Life doesn’t always provide us with a happy ending, does it?

    Then again, you only need to look around to see and understand that the happy ending was within you all along.

    Anyway, my darling. As I did with Gazza, I just wanted to say hi and check you were alright. I hd a dream we were all in Vegas again and wanted to make sure you were all ok.

    BTW, forgot to mention. Marcus has Swine Flu and it was horrible for 3 days but now he is much better. I was mortified, all the kids are at home for the quarentine and I am immensily frustrated that I hd to put the biz on the back burner yet again for few days (in the middle of getting ready to launch, nevermind!!!)

    PS.: hv u been speaking to Paula? Is she OK?

    Speak soon and lot’s of love,

    In Joy with My Self


  19. Rich (AJ Mentee)
    Rich (AJ Mentee) says:

    Just dropped by to see the site ((WOW)) — look’n good.

    I also wanted to tell you thanks for the recommendations on twitter sources – very helpful

    Also, since you were a part of Alex’s first coaching group, I’d like to know some of the key things you learned before and how the training has changed from the first go around. Perhaps you could log that in the form of a post here — I’m sure everyone would be interested to hear from those who are on the 2nd leg of the journey.

    Take care,


  20. Norm
    Norm says:

    Hey Nikki
    Very impressive, I need to take the time to read more of your stuff but not today, got a full “to do” list ahead of me. I only have today left to complete on my goals for this week which was to get a least one more giveaway set up and on line.

    I’ve to most everything ready to go just a couple of clean up things, which is going to require me to re-visit a couple of Alex’s videos on the subject.

    Out of curiousity, since you are from the outer limits, just joking, I mean you started with ther first group. Did you use the giveaways list building process to any great degree? If so, was it successful for you?

    Gotta go, love your site


    Nikki Reply:

    Oooh, more people to welcome to my Lair of Temptation!

    Hi Mick, that’s one of the great things about the internet – it’s now even easier to stay in touch with people. But sometimes that can be a problem – because people think it’s easy, they don’t value it and then they don’t do it. I’ve recently got back in touch with one of my old friends and we have such a good laugh together that I wonder why on earth the friendship kind of slipped in the first place.

    Did you email Tez and go for a pint with him?

    Sandra my darling! Haven’t seen you around for ages which is just rude! You made an excellent point with:

    “I feel so many people forget or are SOOOOO scared of being just who they are online and on their businesses, that they just haven’t got a clue as to how much they are leaving behind on the table in terms of forming new and meaninful relationships.”

    This is so true. A lot of people are afraid of the persona that they may project when online, or worry that they aren’t going to be seen as professional or that people won’t like them etc. The thing is that no-one will be liked by everyone, and neither should people expect everyone to like them. But I think people can tell when you’re being honest & ‘yourself’ and people warm to that. After all, we’re all humans interacting with other humans. No-one is perfect (no, not even me! Shocking, I know…;)).

    Poor Marcus! I hope he’s getting better now?

    Vegas was such a good laugh…will you be going over again for MWA 2.0?

    Yep, I spoke to Paula the other day, things are really busy for her at the mo – guess that’s what happens when you’re uber-successful!!

    Pete, yes, it’s an unusual blog for an unusual person! But then that’s all part of the fun of being me (see my comment above to Sandra about being yourself online!). Also, it helps to create a memorable impression when people come over here…

    Hey Rich, glad you found my recommendations on Twitter useful. As I said, I’ve used both of those books (Twitter Muscle and Dominating Twitter) myself.

    Now, that’s a very good question, and you’re right, that could probably use a whole post as a reply. Thanks for asking, I shall give it some thought and will post back here.

    Hi Norm, yes, as my posts do tend to be lengthy then it’s probably wise to set a bit of time aside to work your way through my blog.

    As for me being from the outer limits, I think that’s probably quite accurate as I’m sure those that have met me will be able to testify!

    I haven’t used Giveaways yet, I’m somewhat behind some of my colleagues from the class of MWA 1.0 in that respect. I think JT Martin has used them a lot and has written a free ebook on the process of giveaway events. I’m planning on getting involved in some in the next couple of months though.


    Thanks for your comments.

    Nikki / PMW


  21. Rob Canyon
    Rob Canyon says:


    Very nice post and gentle nudge to call a friend (aka send at least an email)..

    I’d better pick up the phone and call my dad… It’s been at couple weeks.

    The real problem as I see it, is that most people get out of touch with their friends, ie life gets in
    the way. And when time with friends starts taking a back seat to everything else going on, we
    basically start getting out of touch with the process.

    ie we get off the enjoying life with friends merry-go-round and don’t realize how hard it
    is to get back on.

    Enough said.

    Thanks for reminding me the need to make friends more of a priority.

    Luv U.



  22. Heidi Passey
    Heidi Passey says:

    Hi Nikki –

    Very true post. It is often too easy to lose touch with your good friends. I find in my own life that when I’m going through a rough time I tend to shy away from my friends and family even. I feel like if I don’t have anything new or exciting to talk about then I don’t call. The truth is, that is when I probably need them the most!

    I can totally relate to friends and school. LOL I spent quite a bit of time during college at Denny’s drinking coffee until late in the night with a good friend and then missing classes the next day because I was just too tired. Now, I could see if I missed class because I was too tired from studying, but Denny’s? What was I thinking?

    Thanks, Heidi


  23. Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson says:


    Darls… about time for a new post, huh? Whaddya think? Parkesy managed to get one up. In that time I’ve had about FIVE!

    Regar… oops! Nope. Not gonna say that.


    PS: I’m sure you’ll be able to “take something” from this…


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to you all.

    Rob, nice of you to drop by the Lair. I agree with your point about life ‘getting in the way’, and it’s all too easy to say ‘oh, I’ll contact them tomorrow…’ and then tomorrow never comes. Friendships need maintaining like everything else in our lives if we are to get the best out of them.

    Hi Heidi, that’s also a very true point and one that I also do. When things all get too much sometimes we think it’s easier to just lock ourselves away, when actually sometimes it can be a lot more benefical to find a friend whose opinion you value and just meet up for a chat. I did that recently and ran a few issues past one of my friends – it’s amazing the clarity another viewpoint can give you. I had to laugh at your example of staying up all night chatting to friends – I still do that now! It’s just not so productive when I have to go to work the next day – but hey, I think we only live once (to my knowledge) and I’d rather my friendships took priority.

    Hey Guy, thanks for the compliment, glad you like the blog – vibrant is a good word, means I’m doing something right!

    TGM, you know what my next post will be about, and I’m just waiting on feedback before it goes live! I don’t have any nice videos of Vegas to put on my blog (actually, I did take one of the Bellagio fountain, but not sure that’s relevant or interesting to others!).

    I still can’t get over how English I sound in the videos (both the one here on my Viva Las Vegas page and the video on yours – Saying Goodbye To Paula) – guess the whole video medium is something that I need to get used to!

    As for Parkesy getting one up…no, stop it, bad me…

    I’m saying nothing. Reverting to sitting on hands.


    Thanks everyone!

    Nikki / PMW


  24. Lee
    Lee says:

    Hey Nikki,
    So were you also in Alex’s first course? I am enrolled in Alex’s 2.0 course and learning lots so-far and look forward to each week. Are you active in the traffic generating contest that Alex introduced last Thursday? $1,000.00 is on the line for the winner!! 🙂
    Take care,


  25. Jeff Sargent
    Jeff Sargent says:

    Hey Nikki,

    You say: “Meeting up with all my friends on a lake sounds like a very good excuse for a party!” What’s your point?

    Always looking for a good party.

    Speaking of all my friends we all got together yesterday and had a nice party for my close friends that were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. I got them beat by a year. Just had my 31st two weeks ago. Still the same old crowd. A good time had by all.

    Tell Gazza it takes time to write a good post. It’s time for me to write a new one also but I’m not quite as far behind as you are.

    Later PMW,
    Jeff Sargent


  26. Lizzie Dickinson
    Lizzie Dickinson says:

    Heyy Nikki,

    Well 28 then, not far of as you say! I actually thought you were like 21 before then my mum was like no shes 28! Yes thanx I had a great time in London, thanx! Also recentley (I dont know if my mum told you) but we went to Wales for a week and I just got back from my stage school summer school yesterday =D. So alot of holidays for me then! Jokes, its not actually alot compared to some people who have like 4 holidays abroad in like a year! Lol. But thanx for asking anyways!

    Hope to hear from you soon


  27. Tom Harvey
    Tom Harvey says:

    Hi Nikki

    Great post, a timely reminder to bite the bullet and make contact with some of those people I haven’t seen for a while….

    All too often we can make excuses and find time for things that aren’t as important, without realising what we are missing, so a great point well made.

    I’m a MWA2.0 student and am really enjoying the course and the teaching and it has really started to clarify and simplify things in my mind, now I just need the time to get everything done!!
    I find the forum really useful thanks to the fellow MWA students from both courses and look forward to the meet up in Vegas, looks like you guys had fun there the first time!

    Have a great bank holiday weekend, speak soon




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