11 Things To Do Between Christmas and the New Year to Organise Your Life

11 things to do between Xmas & New Year to organise your life & set your year up for success

As I’m writing this, it’s somewhere between Christmas & the New Year. I’ve seen so many people on Instagram sharing the following:

And while I was wryly smiling & liking their posts (in between twitching about the typo), it got me thinking about things I could be doing now to set myself up for success in the new year.

After all, it’s rare for me to have any kind of downtime, least of all a few days in a row. I don’t want to start January disorganised & confused, so this is a list of things I will be doing between Christmas & the New Year to get myself organised & productive.

It’s the second half of the year! Time to revisit your goals, dreams, and desires.

So, today marks the beginning of the second half of the year.


This is a perfect time to revisit the goals & desires that you decided you wanted at the beginning of the year, and to a) see how you are progressing, and b) make a new plan for the next 6 months.


Don’t get to the end of the year & then realise that you’ve wasted most of the 12 months of the year – this is a great time to reset, take stock, and start afresh where needed.


The Importance of the Work / Life Balance

Back when I was employed, I didn’t have much of a work / life balance.  I worked a 9-day fortnight, meaning I did 10 days’ worth of hours in 9 days, which allowed me to have every other Monday off.


However, I still never seemed to have any time for myself.  Work would consume my thoughts when I wasn’t there, and by the time the weekend came around I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.


So, I said to myself, things will be different when I work for myself.


How I’m Organising My Sparkly Fabulous Life and Business

Ever feel like your life is running away with you?

You have so many things to do, and so many things to juggle – and so you find yourself forgetting things, procrastinating, and not achieving half of what you’d like to?

I was in the same place. I run 3 websites, I have a life (of sorts!), and yet I found I wasn’t getting anything done as I just didn’t know where to start or what I was doing.

So firstly, I created a free workbook to help to organise the chaos (you can get it here: Hello!).

My first month since leaving my job

So, as you may be aware, I left my full-time job of over 8 years at the end of February.


There were a few reasons for doing so, one of which was that I could finally dedicate my time to following my dream of being a ‘proper’ online entrepreneur (as opposed to one just dabbling around).


So I thought I’d share how my first month has been.


Where do you get your best work done?

Do you have a home office? Do you work from cafes? Do you chill on the sofa in your PJs?


Mine seems to alternate. My best ideas seem to come when I’m in a café having a cup of tea & letting my mind drift. But I’ve never tried actually working in a coffee shop. I see lots of other people there with their laptops, but I don’t know whether that would work for me.


A notepad & pen for doodling & writing ideas down, yes. Lugging my laptop around? Maybe not.


Is your smartphone killing your productivity?

This blog post idea came to me a couple of days ago, as I realised I’d wasted over an hour sitting on the sofa trawling through Facebook & checking my emails on my phone.


I think I’ve been trying to hide my need to stay connected, but that isn’t helping with my productivity in the slightest.


Basically, I’m not getting anything done, and I think one of my biggest problems is that I like to distract myself all the time.


Ooh, what’s that, time for a cup of tea?  <——- see what I mean?!

The Return of the PMW!

Hey everyone!

You may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks (though that being said, given my somewhat sporadic appearance here that’s totally understandable).

Well, I decided I needed to do something to get my focus back into internet marketing and my online adventure, so I decided to invest in John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor programme.  It’s shut now but I imagine after the success of this one, he’ll open it up again soon.

So Full Of Twilight; Dreams That Glitter…

I’ve had trouble thinking of a title for this blog post – previous entries have had song lyrics that have been in my head at the time.  One of my favourite songs is Girls Aloud – Call The Shots, so I decided to go for a line from there.  After all, dreams that glitter are probably the best ones to be going after!