How much is too much?

It’s a question I probably should ask in many different areas of my life.

However, in this instance, I want to talk about communication, and specifically that of the emailing-your-list variety.

If you have a list, how often do you email them? Is it just me that gets fed up with emails every day from the same people trying to sell things to me? Even if, in some cases, it’s a freebie that they’re offering – is it *really* relevant to me and my life? Or am I just being sent things as an attempt at building the list, or adswapping, or selling me some sort of affiliate product?


Is this what you were looking for?




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Instead Of Chasing That Paper, Just Live Your Life…

OK, so over the past couple of days I keep seeing the video for this song, and then it’s been in my head…so I thought I’d share it with you.

Ever had one of those weeks where things just haven’t gone as planned?  You start off all confident and focused, and then everything rapidly goes downhill like a ball of string unravelling?