Instead Of Chasing That Paper, Just Live Your Life…

OK, so over the past couple of days I keep seeing the video for this song, and then it’s been in my head…so I thought I’d share it with you.

Ever had one of those weeks where things just haven’t gone as planned?  You start off all confident and focused, and then everything rapidly goes downhill like a ball of string unravelling?

That’s been me this week.  I returned to work after the Christmas break thinking I’d have at least a day, if not most of the week, to catch up on things and get back into it all, but no.  It’s got to the point that I’ve taken some work home with me to do over the weekend – which is just wrong.  Still, at least then I can start again on Monday with a little more clarity rather than just fumbling blindly in the fog.

On the plus side, I’m finally working on getting my finances sorted, and I’ve created some home rules for myself as well as some work rules.  I have to either have complete structure (of my own making – that part is crucial – I get extremely resentful if other people try to impose their rules on me), or no structure at all.  There’s no happy medium with me!

Anyway, one thing relating to my business that I have found very useful this week is the second edition of Garry Parkes’ newsletter – seriously, if you haven’t got your free copy yet, pop over and sign up ASAP!  I’d already learned and been able to implement new things by page 8, so I thoroughly recommend it.

Another important post for the world of blogging is on Gary Simpson’s site – what makes a blog popular?  What makes people come back to revisit and leave comments?  Have a look here and see what you think.

One thing that I am frequently noticing that has surprised me, and that I am benefitting from hugely, is how supportive everyone is of each other.  We only have to post a comment asking for help with something, and those with the necessary knowledge rush to our aid.  Where in the ‘real’ world (i.e. not online) does this happen?  Everyone always seems to be too busy, or too obsessed with ‘well, what’s in it for ME if I help you?’.  Among the Fortunate 500 and the others that have passed this way, I have only ever found people to be generous with their time and in sharing their knowledge.  For that I am truly thankful.

This is quite a short post for me, I’m aiming to get another one up at the beginning of next week, assuming I don’t get buried by work in the meantime…have a good weekend (what’s left of it anyway!).

Till next time…

Nikki / Nix of the Nickelodeon
PS – the reasoning behind the title is two-fold.  One, it describes my current work situation, where I am drowning in paperwork & don’t have the right work / life balance.  Two; (and this one’s for Alex & relates to the intended meaning of the lyrics); don’t chase money!  Get busy living your life, and let the money chase you.

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  1. Tommy McLaughlin
    Tommy McLaughlin says:


    Lovely post, every time I visit here I end up feeling calm and relaxed, not sure if it is the colour scheme or the post or is it both ?? lol !!!

    Anyhoos, if you need anything you know just to ask, I will be busy over the next few weeks cranking out a new product, that will I hope help the F500 and others make money but also learn at the same time ….

    Ha ha ha, I am now even confusing myself, but it will, …

    Anyways, back to the lab to continue my work MWWWHA HA HA !

    I agree with the don’t chase the greenbacks as you will lose focus ….

    Have a fab weekend

    Rocky Horror !! or is it I am just a horror ???

    Tara boggle !


  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hi Tommy,

    What a very kind compliment! I’m flattered that you find it calming and relaxing over here at the Nickelodeon – in fact Theresa said something similar when commenting on my previous post.

    I should probably have named everyone that’s helped me, as you are certainly one at the top of that list – I meant it when I said thank you!!

    (You realise that’s just a ploy on my part so that I can keep coming back with more questions?!).

    I hope you’ve got the top hat & fishnets on while you’re in your evil lair…oh sorry, you said LAB, not LAIR…hmm…

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



  3. jeffrey dibble
    jeffrey dibble says:

    Hi Nix,

    Count me in as one who will drop by if i am feeling stress or angry. This blog is soothing to the eyes. Yes, i can relate to that sometimes in life, what you plan for the day might not turn out as expected? I guess this is part of our live and i am sure Gary have this kind of day as well.

    I see you are everywhere at the moment. You are a busy bee flying here and there leaving your marks. I can see you coming.

    Nix, if you have the time, do drop by and let me know what you think of my blog?

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

    Cheers and keep in touch.



  4. Gary SIMPSON
    Gary SIMPSON says:


    I just became a twitterer. Followed your link here. That was SO sweet what you said about me. But then again, what else would I expect? After all, you are my little purple ranunculus.

    Remind me to tell you a joke about the colour purple later – by email. LOL!

    Gazz-Man from Gazz-Land


  5. Thomas Northrop
    Thomas Northrop says:

    Hi Nikki

    I was just at the Fortunate500 site checking for new members and I thought I would come on over and check out your creation.

    Nikki you have such a powerful motivator with that job of yours. Won’t it be great the day you can walk out of that office for the last time. I am sure the very real thought of your independence excites you daily.

    Damn I wish I could turn the clock back thirty years and be in your position right now. You have so much ahead of you. Many good things I am sure.

    I am way past the half way point in my life, but I plan to go out having a blast. I am looking forward to watching your success.

    Thomas Northrop


  6. Hilary Dickinson
    Hilary Dickinson says:

    Hi Nikki

    I know the feeling of things not going to plan – we just have to keep changing it I guess and then we can say we did follow a plan!

    Yes, just live your life – each one of us has a different life and yet I feel that I have already been blessed by touching and being touched by the lives of many other members of the F500.

    Not only do we have so much to learn from one another but the help and support is above what we so often find in the big wide world, where it is me, me, me.

    Look what an awful economic situation greed has lead us into. But I don’t believe that will happen here amongst us because the whole ethos is so different.

    Anyway here’s hoping that your week goes a little more to plan. Hopefully I won’t be as tired after two late night webinars – but boy, was there some inspiring stuff from both Maria and Alex – where do I start?!

    Don’t drown in your paperwork – it is only that. I’ve got to go and teach literacy and numeracy to carpenters, bricklayers, painters and decorators and engineers – lots of fun!



  7. Dan Briffa
    Dan Briffa says:

    Reply to Tommy’s Post

    I feel the same, how weird is that, is it the purple thing that nikki’s got going on here, its sooo relaxing.. i think i should changle my blog to purple! lol



    Nikki Reply:

    Hey to all my purple fanatics! Thank you all for your kind words about my blog – I’m afraid it’s been a little neglected recently, but I will do better!

    By the way, talking of updates to blogs, go see Gaz-Man’s blog – there are going to be some HUGE developments coming there soon!

    Oh, and pop over to Garry Parkes’ blog for a really good laugh – check out the video, it’s brilliant!!



  8. Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I can only agree with all of the other comments. The blog looks great, and your posts are always of interest. I wish you every success in the future.

    Speak soon.



  9. Dave Pumfrey
    Dave Pumfrey says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Sorry to hear the start of 2009 hasn’t been so great for you.

    If it’s any consellation the start of my year hasn’t been too great either.

    For some reason I just feel that everything I have been trying to do has been to no avail so far – the universe is conspiring against me everywhere I turn.

    Lots of members of the F500 are doing great – Dean Holland and Kotobot amongst others. I’ve made one sale of $47 so far, but feel that everything is like walking through treacle at the moment.

    I’m just watched the latest Module 5 of Alex’s coaching course and now feel more confused about adding value to any comments on blogs and not ‘Pimping’ myself. Can anyone explain this to me.

    Does anyone feel the same or is it just me?

    Apologizes for the grey tone of my comment Nikki.

    If anyone is as confused as me – please leave a comment on my blog and may be we can help each other.

    To our success (although mine feels like a distant dream at the moment)



  10. Ken Douglas
    Ken Douglas says:


    I think it is the colors of your site that make it so soothing. I really like the look you have here.

    I can relate to things not going as planned. At times that seems to be the theme of my life. At time like that a phrase spoken by Clint Eastwood in one of his movies often comes to mind…. “improvise, adapt and overcome” ( ten bonus points for the person Identifying the movie…lol)

    I agree with your assesment of the willingness of the F500 to offer their help.

    I can also relate to the statements made by Dave in #11. To date Dave’s one sale is one ahead of me. However, I have learned so much since the mentoring started that I know financial success will come in time. I refuse to be negative. Dave, we need to keep progressing in small steps each day and eventually we will look back and find we have made significant progress. Feel free to use me as a sounding board anytime.



  11. Paull Hamilton
    Paull Hamilton says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I am totally relating with the the ball of string comment. this morning I had a ´doh´ moment. At stupid o´clock this morning I was watching the video Alex has put on his blog were he´s talking about his forward planning for the year.

    It hit me like a sledgehammer between the eyes.Why was I watching a video at 4.30 or so Spanish time when I should have been in bed !!

    As I later posted on my blog, my own plans to rule the universe where garbage and in total disarray ! I went to the Gazzmans blog and downloaded his ´time management` Ebook and have spent most of today laying down a proper plan of attack.

    I feel I can justify spending the whole day on this because it´s such a vital component to my future plans.

    With reference to Gary´s blog all I can say is WOW ! I am mightily impressed with the change so far, I´m pretty sure the rest of the changes will be mind blowing..

    All the best Nikki,



  12. Nigel Yip
    Nigel Yip says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Great post and yeah I think one of the reasons why people are so helpful online is like we all feel like as we know one another, and we are all working towards a common goal.

    Plus as a group, we are united as one great team who does wish any member to fail or get left behind. It’s all to do with this community spirit.

    Whereas in real life, we couldn’t care less, or maybe in a working environment, it’s more of a dog eat dog situation where everyone is competiting to keep their job or get a promotion.

    Oh and with online, we’re not exactly competiting against each other, instead we’re working together and creating bonds because in future when we do JV’s, this is going to be useful. I mean if you were promoting a product, you would get 1500 yourself, but by working together you get 499 (was 500) x 1500 and a product prices at $27 plus an average minimum of 2% conversion rate – well you work out the maths.

    As they say many hands make light work!

    Best Regards


  13. Gary SIMPSON
    Gary SIMPSON says:

    Hi Nix,

    I see you have quite a little purple cult happening here – LOL!

    Heh… heh… now look at that! Of the 11 different unique commenters – TEN are men! Hmm.

    Seriously, you are a little star in the making. Your wit is your charm. And so often it is very naughty charm. Maybe it could have something to do with your stats (oh dear – you are clever, convert those stats into words).

    I can’t believe you incite me into such banter. God only knows what lurkers must be thinking about our repartee on Twitter. Missed the t out on the first type.

    Anyway you have such a beautiful landscape here.

    Have a nice day darls. I’m sure you will.



  14. Gary SIMPSON
    Gary SIMPSON says:

    Oh Nix!!!

    You DID put that comment into your rotator! Just saw it flash by. LOL!

    I always stop for a few and read. That is such a sharp idea – so distracting. Then again, that is what you are all about.



    Nikki Reply:


    Distractions and landscapes – yep, that’s pretty much what I’m all about! Oh, ok, so you know it all runs much deeper than that.

    Glad you saw I had added your quote – I liked it, I used it! Now everyone else that visits can benefit from a little of your wisdom.



  15. Denis Caron
    Denis Caron says:

    …Our hero cautiously steps through the beaded curtain that hangs to the floor. The heavy scent of musk caresses his nostrils as the pulsating rhythm of the dumbek electrifies his body. Through the hazy dim candlelight he discerns a glowing hookah on his right, while an absinthe cocktail beckons to him on a table to his left… He has reached the heart of the Purple Lair of Temptation-

    Suddenly, he hears a rustling behind him. He turns- There she stands, draped in a …


  16. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Tommy, is that due to your current, ahem, ‘situation’, or something that I’ve done?!

    As for what I’m trying to do to you, I would think the more appropriate question would be ‘what have I already done to you’?!

    The Purple Minxy Witch



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