What does your Perfect Day look like?

Or your perfect week?  Month?  Year?


As part of the Inner Circle mentoring group that I’m currently in, I was asked to describe my ideal day.


I don’t know about you, but I found bits of this easy (“No alarm clocks!”) and bits of this hard (“but…what will I do without being restricted by someone else’s structure & rules?  What if I run amok?!”)


(As a side note, I’m writing this while still employed, hence the reference to the structure & rules of another.  Workplaces are entirely within their rights to have structure and rules!)


So, as I kept procrastinating on this, I thought I’d put it here so a) I can be held accountable, and b) so that I can use it as a benchmark to see where I am 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc from now.


In fact (thinking out loud here), I might make this into a checklist that I can tick off each month to review my progress…


Anyway.  As always, I digress.


My Perfect, Ideal, Fantastic Day


I wake up when I’m ready.  No alarm clocks, no fuss, just waking up when my body has had enough rest.  Sometimes, this might mean around 9am.  Other times, this could mean lunchtime.


I have time to prepare a tasty, reasonably healthy breakfast.  I love things like chopped bananas with Greek yogurt, blueberries, and sunflower seeds.  But this takes time to prepare, and when you aren’t a morning person & you’re rushing around for work, every minute counts.  So my perfect day includes time to prepare food that will nourish me.


Depending on the weather, I might go out for a brisk walk to stir the blood, or I might go into my office (at the moment, my office is in my Purple Room which is one of the bedrooms in the house).  If it’s a nice day, I might take my laptop outside & sit in the garden.  Or I might wander over to the local park to sit in the sun, or maybe to a coffee shop for an hour or so.


Upon checking my emails, I see that I have made several sales of my products while I’ve been asleep.  I receive excellent feedback for everything that I create.


I work on creating more fantastic content, whether it’s free content for my websites, special content for my subscribers, or product creation.  I love what I do, and I love that I get to share it with so many people.


After a couple of hours of work, I go for a walk (if I haven’t already), or I dance around to some high-energy tunes.  Anything to get me away from the computer & get my body moving.


Depending on when I got up, I then make lunch.  I sit somewhere that’s light and airy, not at my desk as I want a proper break from the screen.


After lunch, I check my emails again and am delighted to see that more sales have come in.  This might be from my single products, or might be memberships to my Academy**.


I continue working for a couple of hours – same as above – might be blog posts, might be books for the Kindle, might be emails, might be free downloads to go with a blog post. Might be some video creation…etc!


It never feels like work, because I love what I’m doing, and I get amazing results for my clients & incredible feedback from those that buy my products.


Social media also features in this – as well as some scheduled posts & images that I set up to be shared, I also check my social media before lunch (so after the morning’s work) and again at the end of my working day, so I can be a part of any relevant discussions.  I have an active & enthusiastic group that goes along with my Academy, plus my Facebook pages & Twitter accounts.


Before I finish for the day, I make a list of the 3 most important things to do the following day, along with any other ideas that come to mind throughout the day.


I switch off the laptop, leaving it in the office, and celebrate what I have achieved that day.


I prepare & cook a decent tasty evening meal & enjoy setting the table and eating consciously (not just shovelling food in while watching the TV).


My evenings are spent as I choose – maybe having a soak in the bath, maybe a long hot shower, maybe seeing friends, maybe lying on the sofa reading a book – whatever I feel like doing, I do.  And if I don’t want to do anything, then I don’t!


I go to bed when I start to feel tired, and count at least 5 things for which I am grateful before I go to sleep.


I rarely work weekends unless I’m on a roll and trying to get something finished for one of my own deadlines.  I tend to stay away from technology altogether on a Sunday (“Switch-Off Sundays”) by which I mean the phone, the internet, and social media.


If I want a day off, I have one.  My business is set up to run without my constant input.

I do what I love, and I love what I do.


All of this gives me freedom to be my best self, without the constraints of other people’s rules, agendas, and structures.  This therefore allows me to create my best work.


How about you?  What would your perfect ideal day look like?


It’s a really powerful exercise to do, especially if you aren’t living it yet…


Nikki xx 


P.S. **Yes, you read that correctly – my Academy.  Coming in 2015.

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