Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


I hope wherever you are that you’ve had a great time celebrating and seeing in the New Year.


For me in the UK, that will be in a few hours’ time.


I’m having a quiet one this year; last year my boyfriend and I went to a party dressed as Morticia & Gomez Addams (from The Addams Family) – I know, not much of a stretch for me to dress up as a gothic witch! But it was a great night & we didn’t get home till gone 6am.


This year, Chris is coming over to mine, we’re going to cook together (how old do I sound now?!) and then chill together to see the New Year in.


For me, as I’m sure it is for many people, the New Year is a time to reflect on the year just gone, and to make plans and get excited about the year just beginning.


What went right, what went wrong, what have I learned, and what will I do to improve my life?


Some of my personal highlights of 2011 include:

– Visiting Rome twice

– Maintaining a very happy and successful relationship

– Taking a brilliant coaching course that’s made a whole world of difference to my online career

– Making lots of new friends both online and offline

– Improving my work / life balance (now, where’s that lottery win to make it even better?!)

– Spending time with my family and friends

– Chasing away most of my online fears (being seen in front of a video camera, for example)

– Taking better care of myself and my health – after my illness at the end of 2010 I’ve made a real effort this year to listen to my body

– I moved house as well – not easy when you own as much stuff as I do!


That’s a good start on the list anyway.


I’ve achieved a fair amount in 2011, and have had some great times with some fabulous people. To me, that’s what life is all about – having a great time and making the most of every opportunity.


So with that in mind, I’d like to raise a toast to you & yours…(feel free to drink whatever you like; it won’t surprise you that I have a cup of tea by me as I’m typing this!).


I wish you a very Happy, Successful, Joyful, Prosperous, Healthy, Exciting and Fantastic New Year!


With very best wishes from me, enjoy yourselves!




P.S. How about you – have you made resolutions, or looked back on 2011, or made plans / goals / actions for 2012? Let me know in the comments below!


P.P.S. There’ll be a couple of new pages added here soon, so there’ll be even more of the Purple Minxy Witch for your enjoyment!

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for your well wishes and I wish you all the best for the new year and beyond Nikki.

    I too am spending a quiet evening in – I was out last night! I may have a little nip later on. 😉

    Take care and enjoy your evening.
    Julie recently posted..Where There’s an End, There’s a New Beginning


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Julie,

    Thank you for your comment and your good wishes for 2012 – I’m mostly feeling very enthusiastic about the new year, although as I go back to work tomorrow there’s a cloud looming over me at the moment!

    I had a really nice & chilled evening to see in the New Year – we stuffed ourselves silly on spaghetti carbonara & apple crumble and so couldn’t have moved from the sofa even if we’d wanted to!

    Here’s hoping you have a great 2012.

    Speak soon,



  2. Mandy Allen
    Mandy Allen says:

    It’s great to spend time on New Year’s Eve not only looking ahead but reflecting on the good things that have happened in the previous year. Start with gratitude then ask for what you want in the year ahead. Lovely post, Nikki.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..Calendars For Marketers


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Mandy,

    Yes, you’re right – it seems that some people forget to take that moment to look back as well as forward. I had so many great experiences in 2011 that I enjoy reliving them on a regular basis!

    So I have a lot of gratitude for all that happened to me in 2011, and here’s hoping for an even better 2012!

    Speak soon,



  3. Barry Wells
    Barry Wells says:

    Hi Nikki, my F F F Friend, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your family in the place that time forgot :)

    You’ve certainly had a busy year this year and your journey is there for us all to see :)

    It does us all good to look back over the past 12 months and reflect on what has happened both online and off.

    For me the party continues until Monday when i have my 27th 21st birthday, work that one Nikki 😆 age doesn’t make the jokes any better 😉

    Have a great one Nikki and I’ll catch you up next year my Purple Princess

    Take care,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Ending 2011 With A Smile and The Sunshine Award


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Barry, and Happy Birthday!!

    I hope you’re having a great day celebrating?

    Yes, it’s been quite fascinating looking back over my year and seeing everything that I’ve achieved – I’m quite impressed with myself! I shall be ramping up my efforts for 2012 though – I have places to go, people to see and things to do, so I’m a woman on a mission!

    Did you have a good Christmas? Mine was nicely relaxed in the Land That Time Forgot although it’s all over too quickly as I’m back to work tomorrow…boooo!

    Catch up with you soon, enjoy your 27th 21st birthday!



  4. Dawn Kay
    Dawn Kay says:

    Whassssuuuppp Nikki

    Hope you had a fandabidozy christmas and happy new year misses!

    I’ve been a bit poorly over christmas and new year so I brought the new year in with a cup of tea like you (lol)

    Don’t tell Sally ha ha!

    You’ve made fantastic progress in 2011 and faced up to soooooooooo many fears that I’m sure 2012 will be a walk in the park for you…

    All you need to do is decide what your THANG is and go and make it happen!

    Whatever it is I’m sure you’ll make it fun, colourful and fab…

    Catch ya soon

    Dawn Kay recently posted..My Triple 7 Links Challenge


    Nikki Reply:

    Whassup! Hey Dawn,

    I did have a lovely Christmas thank you, how about you?

    Aww that doesn’t sound good that you weren’t well, I think this was the first Christmas / New Year that I haven’t been ill in about ooooh 30 years?! Normally I get a cold at this time of year but I have been lucky so far. That’ll probably change once I’m back at work as other people might bring colds in to share around!

    Yep, 2012 will be building on everything that I’ve learned so far and making a huge success (positive thinking!).

    Thanks for doing that transcription for me by the way, it’ll be appearing on here soon!

    Speak soon,



  5. RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles
    RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Hope you had a good one :)
    I’m sure you did – I watched all year as you’ve been making friends learning loads and galavanting off to Rome…. You already sound like a successful marketer…lol
    Just need to lose that day job now and enjoy life to the full…. Hope this is the year for you :)

    RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles recently posted..Fun Learning:- What Holiday Movies Can Teach You About Your Business!


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Randy,

    I did have a good New Year’s Eve thanks, and from what I can gather, you did as well (assuming you can remember any of it?!).

    Yep, as I said to Barry above, it’s been fascinating looking back over the year and seeing how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve progressed – it’s really rewarding to see!

    As for my travels to Rome, we’re thinking about going back again this year to celebrate our second anniversary, so I’m sure I’ll be boring everyone about it all again!

    You’re right about the marketer’s lifestyle, I could quite happily cope with that. Just need to get myself into a better position first before I can give up the day job!

    Catch up with you soon,



  6. Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice says:


    Hope your New Year was great.

    You made great progress during 2011 and sounds like you are on track for 2012.

    I also have plans for 2012 and plan on making it a great year.

    Looking forward to a great year online.

    Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Is Your Blog Backed Up?


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Dee Ann,

    My New Year was great thank you, very relaxing.

    Thanks for your kind comments about my progress in 2011; you’re right though, I do feel that I made great progress after taking part in Sally’s coaching. Unfortunately January seems to have been a bit of a write-off for me, but I’m slowly getting my head back into it all again – here’s aiming for an amazingly successful 2012!

    Catch up with you soon,



  7. julie@health care professional
    julie@health care professional says:

    nice post, i totally agaree with you that life is here to have a great time and making the most of every opportunity that comes your way, live life to the full because its sooooo short


    Nikki Reply:

    Hi Julie,

    Yes, life really is too short. I went to a funeral last week (family friend) and that just served to remind me that our time is limited so it should be spent how we want to spend it. I don’t want to get to the end and think “oh, was that it”.

    So go and enjoy life in whichever way you can!

    Speak soon,



  8. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Hey Anna,

    Rome is a beautiful city; something tells me I’ll be going back there again several times! Part of me is considering moving out there for a while; it’s something I’ll have to look into…





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