A Tour of Easy Video Player 2 – Behind The Scenes (General Settings)

Welcome to my newest video – this time, I’ve donned the air hostess outfit, and am giving you a guided tour!


Oh, ok, so maybe I don’t have an air hostess outfit, but I am still giving you a tour – this video shows you behind the scenes of Easy Video Player 2, and goes through all of the general settings so that you can see all the various features that it offers.


Amazon S3 – A Beginner’s Guide (Part 3) – Distributing from your Amazon S3 account

As part of Barry’s Video Challenge, I have now created Part 3 of my Amazon S3 series.


In this post and video, I cover 3 different methods of distributing from your Amazon S3 account.


After all, it’s all well & good storing your data in there, but how do you get it back out again?!


This video explains that.


Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the first or second parts, they can be found here:
Video 1: http://nikkistephens.com/online-business/amazon-s3-beginners-guide-part-1


Video 2: http://nikkistephens.com/online-business/amazon-s3-beginners-guide-part-2-uploading/

(as the URLs might suggest!).

Oh how I love a challenge!

Do you like a challenge as well?


Then this could be for you.


Barry (at www.Barry-Wells.com) has come up with a Leap Year Video Challenge, and it’s something that I’m most certainly going to be partaking in.



You’ll have seen from my last post that I was having a bit of a ‘meh’ moment about what I’m doing (or more appropriately, not doing), and so this challenge has come along at the perfect time for me.


Oh, and did I mention he’s giving away prizes as well?!

Best Laid Plans…(I need your help!)

So, my last post was all full of enthusiasm about my goals for 2012 and how I was going to get stuff done and my life would be structured and all would be well in the world…


But like all best laid plans, this has kind of gone to pot.


In my (somewhat limited) defence, this wasn’t helped by a throat infection and a course of antibiotics (started with a nice fever which left me in bed whimpering pathetically!).


My Goals for 2012: aka Nikki’s Life Improvement Plan

Kind of as the picture suggests, really.


Anyway, I know I’m a bit late with sharing this.  I wasn’t sure whether to or not as I’m still in the process of fleshing these out into specific tasks (& then diarising those tasks), so it may seem a bit woolly at the moment.


Firstly, I should confess:  I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions.  Actually, make that never.


For me, they always seem to be about giving something up, or some kind of deprivation, or some other negative connotation.


Amazon S3 – A Beginner’s Guide (Part 2) – Uploading to your Amazon S3 account



Here is the second part of my Beginner’s Guide to Amazon S3.


(If you haven’t seen the first part, it’s here: http://nikkistephens.com/online-business/amazon-s3-beginners-guide-part-1/


In this post & video, I show you 3 different ways of uploading your media to your Amazon S3 account.


1) Directly uploading to your Amazon S3 account from your computer

2) Using a program called Cloudberry to upload (works like Filezilla)

3) Using Easy Video Player to upload to your S3 account.


Amazon S3 – A Beginner’s Guide (Part 1)

Hey everyone,


Today I’ve started on my Amazon S3 series, which will take up the next couple of blog posts as well.


I’ve created a video for you to show you how to set up an Amazon S3 account, and in subsequent posts I will show you how to upload files (videos, audio, images etc) to your S3 account, and then how to use that to embed your media on to specific pages.


I will also be using Easy Video Player and Amazon S3 together, so I will show you how to do that as well.

Understanding Easy Video Player – Q&A Session

Hey everyone,


Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been working on my latest report.   Not only that, but I’ve also put myself in front of the camera as well!


What is this new report about, you may ask?



Well actually, the title of this blog post should kind of give that away really…


I’m one of those people that always has questions about things.    How does it work, what does it look like, what can it do…and Easy Video Player was no exception to this.

Lessons learned while playing with YouTube

Hey everyone,

An image showing a chalkboard with Back To School written on it - lessons to be learned


As I write this, it’s Sunday lunchtime and I’m sitting in bed with my laptop…I went to bed rather late last night as I was on a video creation mission, so I’m having a leisurely morning (to be fair, I see a cat nap in my future for the afternoon!).


Anyway, you may be wondering what my new video is about. I’ll get to that in a second.


First, I want to share something amazing that I saw a couple of days ago. It’s a bit self-indulgent but I’m feeling proud of myself so you’ll just have to humour me for a minute.

OMG The Posh Girl Speaks!

I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever do this…but I’ve recorded my first ever video tutorial! This has been my first time using Camtasia and also my first time recording myself doing anything on my laptop, so while I apologise if it’s a bit rough around the edges, please bear in mind it’s my first time!