My first month since leaving my job

So, as you may be aware, I left my full-time job of over 8 years at the end of February.


There were a few reasons for doing so, one of which was that I could finally dedicate my time to following my dream of being a ‘proper’ online entrepreneur (as opposed to one just dabbling around).


So I thought I’d share how my first month has been.


Firstly, I was without a car for my last 2 weeks at work; I had some very kind work friends that gave me lifts so I didn’t have to endure public transport too much. But still, being without my car that I’d had for 9 years…it messed with my head! I’ve always been very independent so not being able to escape / drive somewhere was affecting me.


Secondly, I didn’t leave work until gone 11pm on my last day, & then I went back in on the Monday to finish off & that took me all day. It still wasn’t finished, but was at least in a better state where I was reasonably happy to leave it.


I met a friend for food that evening, & was hoping to celebrate – but I just felt exhausted & flat.


Anyway, as part of me leaving, I had agreed to be paid for 2 extra days so that I could pop in & do certain aspects of my job prior to them recruiting a replacement.


I have just (as of yesterday – Friday 27th March) finished working those extra 15 hours. So I have left it with them – if they would like me to do any further work, I will require payment.


I have found it fascinating how much that has drained me.


It isn’t the work, it’s the people. And in fact it’s one person in particular. So draining. A real energy vampire. Either way, it has reiterated to me how important it was for me to leave & no longer have to deal with this person.


I digress.


After my first week of freedom, I got ill. I had a hot / cold fever & was waking up drenched in my own sweat. Then it turned into a cough. Part of me thinks it was just my body releasing a lot of the stresses of work. But that wiped me out for a week. Then I went to visit my parents for Mother’s Day (& had to get the train as my car still wasn’t fixed – it all turned into a bit of a saga).


I’ve spent time pottering about on social media. I’ve been finding inspiration in other people’s website design & branding. I’ve watched instructional / educational videos.

I’ve been making my own graphics (“purple on ALL THE THINGS!”).

I’ve chilled out with my cats. I’ve chilled in my pjs. My boyfriend has called me a tramp for not getting dressed for about 3 days in a row. He was only half-joking (he works from home as well).


I’ve thought about stuff. I’ve been thinking about my redesign of this website & the creation of a new opt-in. I’ve been thinking about the Academy I’ve half-planned out (Create Your Stylish Online Presence). I’ve been considering writing a book (or several books, in fact) for the Kindle & maybe self-publish as well.


But I haven’t actually done anything.


Now my first month is up, & I have very little to show for it.


This isn’t where I need or want to be.


After all, the bills keep coming in & I’ve lost my guaranteed income (the salary from my job).


April needs to be very different. Otherwise I will find myself in the unwanted position of having to look for work. The whole point of all of this was to be my own boss.


So, I need to add structure back into my life. I need to get dressed. I need to make a plan & EXECUTE that plan.


Do you work for yourself? If so, what do you do, & how do you structure your days?

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