My Kindle Publishing Journey Part One: Procrastination dressed as perfectionism

I have wanted to write a book for ages.  I love writing.  When I left my old job I created a Purple Book of handover notes that ended up at over 22,000 words long.  I’ve been blogging for years.  I’ve written all manner of PDF worksheets, information books, etc.

So I know I CAN write.

But as of yet, I haven’t ventured onto the Kindle.  Now, this keeps coming up as something I really want to do.

“Oh, but it’s complicated, you’ve got to get all the formatting right”

“How long does a Kindle book need to be (word-count-wise)”

“What should I write about”

And so on.

I bought a guide a while ago on How To Publish On The Kindle, and I’ve printed it & read it a few times, it explained what to do with the formatting etc and how to publish it.

And still I haven’t done anything!

I think partially because if I’m going to put my name on something, I want it to be decent.  Fair enough.  And also, the old “but what will I write about” question.

So this has gone on for a while, festering around in my mind, until I got fed up with myself and my procrastination, and I decided I’ll write my first book under a pseudonym, as that buys me safety and anonymity.  If people hate the book and think it’s terrible and leave me horrendous reviews, it won’t matter, as it won’t be attached to my name.

(Clearly, I’d prefer that people love it and leave me great reviews of course!).

The second objection I’ve got cross with myself about is this formatting issue.



So that’s also what I will be doing.  Instead of worrying about how to format a non-existent document, I’ll write the book first (just in Word, nothing fancy as I know most formatting gets stripped out anyway), and then I’ll follow the instructions in the guide that I bought (link above) to get it formatted properly.

My last objection (well, last big objection) is the tax issue – as I’m in the UK, but Amazon requires a USA tax ID to be able to send your commissions to you.  And I don’t know how I have to go about that (again, it’s explained in the guide, so I think I’m just trying to confuse myself to stop myself from making any progress).

But again – I don’t need that bit to be completed to write & publish a Kindle book; I just need the tax ID to get the money from the sales.  So I can update that at a later date when I’ve actually written and published the book!

Besides, I have friends online that write & publish on the Kindle, so I’m sure if I asked nicely they could tell me what I need to do!

So this is my public declaration – I am writing a book for the Kindle, it will be under a pseudonym so that I stop procrastinating, and I will let you know how I get on!!

Wish me luck!

Also, if you have any tips for writing for / publishing on the Kindle, please let me know in the comments below!

x Nikki x

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