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As part of Barry’s Video Challenge, I have now created Part 3 of my Amazon S3 series.


In this post and video, I cover 3 different methods of distributing from your Amazon S3 account.


After all, it’s all well & good storing your data in there, but how do you get it back out again?!


This video explains that.


Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the first or second parts, they can be found here:
Video 1: http://nikkistephens.com/online-business/amazon-s3-beginners-guide-part-1


Video 2: http://nikkistephens.com/online-business/amazon-s3-beginners-guide-part-2-uploading/

(as the URLs might suggest!).


In this video, I show you 3 different ways of getting the links that you need in order to distribute your media from your Amazon S3 account.


1) Distributing directly from your Amazon S3 account


2) Using a program called Cloudberry to get the relevant distribution links (I covered Cloudberry in Video 2 if you aren’t sure what it is)


3) Using Easy Video Player to distribute videos and audio from your S3 account.


Each of these have their uses, and I would say that it’s up to you whichever one you decide to use (or all 3, depending on what you’re doing!)


So without further ado, here is part three of my Beginner’s Guide to Amazon S3.



As always, if you have any questions about this, then please leave me a comment below.


Speak to you soon,




P.S. Let me know if you entered Barry’s Video Challenge!

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