The Return of the PMW!

Hey everyone!

You may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks (though that being said, given my somewhat sporadic appearance here that’s totally understandable).

Well, I decided I needed to do something to get my focus back into internet marketing and my online adventure, so I decided to invest in John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor programme.  It’s shut now but I imagine after the success of this one, he’ll open it up again soon.

Anyway, we’re now on day 18 of the 31 days of training (we started on 1st March) and I’m progressing well so far.  I’ve come to a bit of a sticking point which ties in with my last post here – trying to find myself a niche.  But John’s given us some good guidelines on finding a niche, so I’m following those.

I have to say that I’m really enjoying having an email a day with tasks for the day within them – it’s keeping me on track (and trust me, that is a difficult job in itself!)

None of this was helped by my laptop becoming infected with a virus – my laptop is old & ancient & I got it secondhand which meant I didn’t have any of the drivers etc for it.  So we reformatted it & then my brother kindly spent a couple of hours searching for all the relevant drivers to get it all back up & running again.

Lesson here: a) backup your stuff, b) don’t download suspicious things (not that I knew it was suspicious at the time!) and c) have some virus-scanning software on your computer.


Anyway, as my weekend plans have been postponed, I shall be spending my weekend catching up on my course work instead.  This is including product creation, so keep an eye out – some time next week (depending on my course instructions & how much I get done) I will be releasing another product.

In other news, my dad went to The Greatest Facebook Show On Earth last weekend (it was a 3-day seminar with Chris Farrell & Jo Barnes – my dad went for the extra VIP day).  So he’s come back from that buzzing with ideas…and now, to annoy him (because what else are daughters for?!) I shall link to his testimonial video taken at the event.  He’s a lot more natural in front of a camera than I am; something I need to practice on!

So that’s why I haven’t been lurking around here as much, although you’ll find I’m a lot more active on Facebook…what, you mean we aren’t connected there?!  Oh behave!  I’m on if you want me…

Anyway, once I have progressed further through this course I will share my information over here, so it’s worth checking back…

Until next time…*flies off on the broomstick in a cloud of purple sparkly dust*

Nikki / PMW

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3 replies
  1. Sally
    Sally says:

    Hey Nikki,

    You should have said it was that course, I am doing that too!

    Well saying that…. I am little behind my days as I got other stuff to do too.

    Awwwwww your dad does marketing, that’s just sooooooo cool, I keep trying to drag my
    Mum into it but she is having none of it lol.

    Keep working hard chick, all gonna pay off for ya soon,

    Sally *jumps into mini, slams the door and speeds off to park with Jade*
    Sally recently posted..OMG I’m ENJOYING Email Marketing Again Faint


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Sally,

    I had to go and fish you out of my spam bin! I have noooo idea what you were doing in there, after all, you’ve been over here commenting before! Maybe Akismet was having a strict moment as I had quite a few emails in there for me to check (the rest were all spam).

    I have to say I’ve been really enjoying John’s course so far, it’s definitely helped givnig me step-by-step instructions to follow, although I need some time off to be able to create my new product – as you know, working full-time and having other commitments is a pain sometimes!

    Yep, my dad is also into his internet marketing, he started with Chris Farrell so has been following his teachings. From what I’ve seen, Chris seems to be a decent person to follow as well.

    I’m definitely looking forward to when all of this starts to pay off and we get to see the fruits of our labours – as soon as I’ve finished my product I’ll be letting you know as I’ll be asking you to have a look before I start advertising it to people!

    Hope you had fun at the park with Jade, catch up soon!



  2. zahid@Personal Power,Freedom,Wealth,Privacy News & Reviews
    zahid@Personal Power,Freedom,Wealth,Privacy News & Reviews says:

    Hey Nikkii

    Just been checking Sallys blog and followed your link here.

    Loving the purple…cool what was your inspiration for name?
    Great original logo 🙂

    Great choice joining up to JT’s mentoring program, his stuff is really great.
    Its always great to have family involved in ventures…gives you a little extra Go!!

    Hope it all goes well and will be popping back for more.





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