Understanding Easy Video Player – Q&A Session

Hey everyone,


Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been working on my latest report.   Not only that, but I’ve also put myself in front of the camera as well!


What is this new report about, you may ask?



Well actually, the title of this blog post should kind of give that away really…


I’m one of those people that always has questions about things.    How does it work, what does it look like, what can it do…and Easy Video Player was no exception to this.



Of course I’ve been aware of it since it was launched; Josh and I were both on Alex Jeffreys’ coaching (I was in the first intake, Josh was in the second).   But at that time, I wasn’t in the right place to be thinking about video marketing – to me, that was for experienced internet marketers that had something to sell.


Fast forward a couple of years, and here I am on Sally’s course.


Going from thinking I’d never do videos, I’ve now got a list of videos I want to get created, and my previous videos to the one you’re about to see all got received well.


So I decided that I was going to have to take my video marketing to the next level.


This led me back to Easy Video Player, and therefore to a nice list of questions that I had about it.


For me, sales pages can only ever answer so much, and so my list of questions prevailed.


If you want to know what I did about that, then you’ll just have to watch this video!!


(It’s short, don’t worry).


So without further ado…watch the Posh Girl speak (I know you’ve heard me before but this time you get to see the real live animated me!)





Now, I should really have created another video to put on here as this one is embedded from YouTube and tells you to come here…(although of course you already are).    But hey, a minor point and a lesson learned!   Besides, I haven’t set my Amazon S3 account up yet.   That’ll probably be my next blog post!


Anyway, if you’ve watched my video and you’d like the free report on my questions and answers about Easy Video Player, then just pop your name and email into the box below and I’ll send it straight over to you.



 Yes Please! 

I’d love a copy of your Easy Video Player Report!


I hope that you find the report useful, please comment below and let me know!


Also, if you have any other questions about Easy Video Player then please also put those in your comments and I’ll see whether I can find the answers for you.


Thanks very much!


Speak soon,


Nikki (the Posh Girl!)



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22 replies
  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hey Posh!!
    Excellent video!! Thanks for the report as well and I’m looking forward to more Posh Girl stuff here!
    Bye for now
    Sergei / Mike / Ol’ Man! xxx
    Mike recently posted..The Entrepreneurial Spirit! 21 Days to Online Success


    Nikki Reply:

    Ha ha love it – the Posh Girl thing seems to be taking off ever since people have heard me speaking…and now people can see me speaking as well! Scary stuff!

    I’m hoping YouTube hurries up with changing the default image on the video, 2 out of the 3 pictures were fairly unflattering – this is why I’m going to be using Easy Video Player as then I can dictate what the default screen is!

    Hope you enjoy the report oh Sandy One!

    Squirrel Nutkin xx


    Twitter: PhotosMikedf

    I suspect that “dictate” is the right word to use for you! NO messin’ and standing in Posh’s way!!

    Sergei….etc etc!! xx


    Nikki Reply:

    Ha ha! Moi? Dictate?! Surely not!!


  2. Ian Ieba
    Ian Ieba says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Signed up for the report which I cannot wait to read as I have not yet moved forward with “Easy Video Player” but I have no doubts that I will be doing so very shortly! 🙂

    At last we finally get to see you and in front of the camera… well done you Nikki, and the video is great, love it again well done.

    If this report is anything like your last report “How I completely revamped my blog” then I know I am in for a good read.

    Thanks for sharing such great and valuable content Nikki…now off to read the report!

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian 🙂
    Ian Ieba recently posted..PLR – Private Label Rights Part 5


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Ian,

    I’m one of those people that just likes to ask lots of questions! So I thought other people could also benefit from my inquisitive nature…and the report was born!

    I’m glad the video turned out ok; I know it’s short but that was enough hassle trying to remember what I wanted to say & not getting distracted by shiny things!

    Please let me know how you get on with the report, I’m going to carry on delving into Easy Video Player and in fact I know what my next couple of video tutorials are going to be on!

    Speak to you soon,



  3. Kathy Dobson
    Kathy Dobson says:

    Nice video Nikki 😉
    And, thanks for the report…of course I signed up to receive it since I own it already I may as well understand how I can best make use of it’s features 😉

    Great little video too which proves that a video does not have to be long to be effective.
    Kathy Dobson recently posted..Kathy in The Buff and the Best Coaching Evvvveeeerrrrr!!!!


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Kathy,

    Wow, that’s a blog title and a half!!

    Anyway, thank you for your compliment on my video – unusual for me to only be talking for less than a minute; usually it takes a lot to shut me up!

    I hope that the report proves useful to you, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into EVP and trying out all the features.

    Now I have to fly over to your blog to see what your latest post is all about!

    Speak soon,



  4. Nigel Yip
    Nigel Yip says:

    Hey Nikki

    Great video, just downloaded your latest report and have to say it’s an absolutely fantastic, really in-depth, and very, very useful. I’ve always wondered how do other marketers and gurus make opt-in buttons/ forms appear magically half way through their videos, and how come the videos on their sales page never have a rewind button etc… well, with your report I have finally discovered the answers to them and much much more. It was also wonderful that unlike other reports, your report went straight and not have lengthy introductions.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next videos and posts.

    Best regards
    Nigel Yip recently posted..LWS 3 – On Your Marks…Get Set….. Traffic


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Nigel,

    Thank you so much for your help in sorting out my optin form issue! I’m glad that you found the report useful, I had lots of questions and figured other people would probably be the same. So that’s why I thought I’d go off doing some research and find out what EVP was all about.

    I can’t wait to get properly stuck into it, I’m all excited about videos now!!

    Speak soon,



  5. Sally
    Sally says:

    Hey Nikki aka girl with the posh voice lol,

    Fab video, you know it’s just soooooooooooooo lovely to see people for “real” in front of the camera, I love it.

    You look so happy and cheery, and you are actually like that in real life too, you just make people SMILE!

    I love Easy Video Player, from the moment I got it I loved it and I would never be without it now.

    Anyone serious about video marketing should seriously consider getting EVP.

    Congrats on the video, you did fabulous as always and I am glad you are doing video, or I would be -1 smile today.

    Catch ya later

    Sally 🙂 x
    Sally recently posted..Learn With Sally… Four Webinars And A Funnel


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Sally,

    This whole ‘posh girl’ thing has really taken off now I’ve started speaking online! I let Chris see my video before I uploaded it and he was laughing at me as he doesn’t think I sound like that – perhaps I’m less civilised when I’m around him!!

    Happy & cheery – hmm, I think I was just busy laughing at myself for sitting there talking to the camera! But I got there in the end, and actually I’m quite pleased with the finished result. I know it’s short but that’s because I give all the detail in the report – if I’d videoed myself reading the report it’d be like a 3 hour film! Popcorn, anyone?

    Yep, now I’ve entered the world of video marketing I’m going to be creating loads more!

    Speak soon,

    Nikki xx


  6. Barry Wells
    Barry Wells says:

    Hey Nikki my Productive Purple Princess

    Count me in, Yikes it’s him 😉 Subscribed and confirmed 😉 You must have read my mind you know. I’ve got questions about it so I’ll be reading that later, rinky dinky doo 😆

    Congratulations on facing the camera and tying it in with the free report, very clever you Fabulous Fear Fighter you. Well done, you should be very proud of yourself.

    Seeing how clear the picture is as well means i’ll have to shave 🙂

    Congratulations Nikki I look forward to many more videos 🙂

    Have a great day,
    Barry Wells recently posted..One Step Back, Two Steps Forward and The Journey Continues


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Yikes It’s Him!

    I did have to laugh when I saw you’d put that as your name on my Aweber list…so you’ll get some interesting emails from me! I know I could go in & change it manually but where’s the fun in that?!

    Yes, I had lots of questions as I do about most things (like “why hasn’t anyone made me a cup of tea at work today?”), so I went off to find the answers…

    One of my next videos is going to be a tour of EVP so you may want to keep an eye out for that, as that may well give you a better insight of the functionality that it can provide.

    As for my video above – yes, that was filmed on my Kodak Zi8 – have you got yours yet? I hadn’t appreciated that it was going to be quite so high-definition, but now you’ve mentioned it I’m glad I brushed my hair!!

    Tying it in with my report means I got to kill 2 birds with one stone, plus I needed a subject to talk about so this was the perfect opportunity for me!

    I’m glad I haven’t scared anyone off yet by being in front of the camera…wait till my next in-front-of-camera video, it’ll probably be longer!

    Catch up with you soon Barry, loving your new video!

    The FFFPPP!!


  7. Barry Wells
    Barry Wells says:

    Hi Nikki, I’m glad you liked the name I used ha ha.

    No, still not received the camera…

    How strange that I received your reply via linkedin. I installed a plugin called ReplyMe that sends my replies to the commenter, may be worth a look Nikki.

    The follow video of yours sounds really good, when???? 😆 nothing like putting it on people 😉 Only kidding Nikki….

    Catch up soon My P P P F F F Friend

    Barry Wells recently posted..One Step Back, Two Steps Forward and The Journey Continues


    Nikki Reply:

    Hmm…very puzzling Yikes It’s Him!

    I wonder whether it’s because I have the comments from this post set up to go straight to my Facebook, my Twitter and my Linked In….so maybe that’s why you happened to see it there?

    Ah, I wondered what you were using to send the emails to people when they reply, and now I know! Oooh, I might have to install that one myself as it saves having to check back on someone’s blog to see if they’ve replied to you…

    Ha ha – well, I’m off to Rome in a week so there may be a slight delay in the production line of my videos, but depending how my week goes leading up to my holiday (did I mention I’m going to Rome?!) I might be able to get one more out before I go! I now have 3 videos lined up to do….I love having so much focus for once!!

    Have a great weekend Barry, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into our new tutorials…we’re all making magnificent progress!

    Speak soon,



  8. Dawn Kay
    Dawn Kay says:

    Hi Nikki

    Well done on your first in front of camera video!

    You was fantastic, the image of you pondering was fantastic
    and I luvvved how personal and how easy to read you made
    your report.

    Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to see what’s coming next Nikki so well
    done misses.

    If your doing requests, would like to see a video on how to add an optin form to a vid.

    I think that’s a really good feature of it and one I’d like to take advantage of.

    Well done again on the video, you did a really fab job

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..My First In Front Of Camera Video And An Exclusive Bonus From Sally


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Dawn,

    Aww thanks Dawn, I’m glad you thought so!

    I’m pleased that you found the report easy to read – that was always my aim so if I’m managing to do that then I’m happy!

    Yep, I can do requests – adding the opt-in form is one of the main things I’m going to be using Easy Video Player for, so I’ll be more than happy to do a short tutorial on that!

    Thanks for asking, it always helps when I know what I need to do so now I have 3 videos to create!

    Speak soon,




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