Viva Las Vegas


I’m back in the UK, sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea & some toast with peanut butter (yes, I know, I’m so English!).

I slept for about 18 hours straight when I got back home, but then I was up for about 34 hours prior to that – so I guess it figures really. It’s strange, I woke up in Las Vegas but went to sleep back in the UK. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it really.

What can I say about my trip to Las Vegas…or rather, where do I start?! Firstly I have to thank Paula Brett and Garry Parkes for the fun times together before we even left the UK – I don’t think we stopped laughing for the whole time that we were travelling or out in Las Vegas. Thank you for being such excellent travelling companions.


When we landed at McCarran Airport we met up with Alex Jeffreys and got a limo together to the New York New York Hotel – Las Vegas is such a strange place! When we got into the hotel we met up with Dean Holland, Gary Simpson and Dan Briffa as they had got there before us.

Anyway, lots of revelry commenced, as more & more people filtered into Las Vegas to attend Alex Jeffreys’ seminar. A lot of people were also in Vegas for Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing event, so there was a large group of people all interested in internet marketing, all at different levels within the field. Some were newbies, others were very advanced…but more on that later. In the meantime I want to say hello to everyone that I met out there – and it was great to meet you in the flesh rather than just through our usual online presence.

You know when you drink so much alcohol that the room spins? For those of you that don’t drink, or have successfully respected the bevy & therefore not got to that state, it can be one of the most disorientating experiences. Well, I felt like that for the first 2 days that I was in Vegas, and I hadn’t even been drinking (perhaps that was the problem?!). I think a mix of the constant air conditioning & the additional oxygen being pumped in didn’t help. Perhaps I should have disrespected the bevy, then at least I would have had a justification for feeling so bad. But being spaced out and constantly dizzy was just not the way forward. Luckily I had some good people around me that looked out for me, and for that I am truly grateful. You know who you are.

On Day 2 of Alex’s seminar I managed to make us fashionably late (for those of you that weren’t in Vegas, I am late to absolutely everything. I will be late to my own funeral) so we managed to bagsie the sofa at the back of the room. This then became the Pimp Chair:

The Chair of Big Pimping

The Chair of Big Pimping

(L-R: Paula Brett, Gary Simpson, Nikki Stephens, Sandra Rodrigues, Lesley Morgan)

Mucho networking ensued after the seminar & a lot of good information sharing, and Alex got a few of us out of the room to do a quick video – so if you’re wondering what on earth I look like when stuck in front of a camera, then watch this:

(Yes, I really am that random!).

To be honest a lot of the time in Las Vegas has blurred – I know there was a huge amount of networking & chatting with people that I can call good friends – not to forget the drinking and constant laughter. I can honestly say that I had an unbelievably great time and don’t think I stopped laughing (well, unless I was drinking tea at the time – and yes, I did do rather a lot of that – you can take the woman out of England, but you can’t take the English out of the woman!).

That leads me on to our adventure out to the M Resort where Mike Filsaime was holding his 2-day Butterfly Marketing seminar. The M Resort had only been open for just over a month I think, and was definitely a classy hotel (trust me, Vegas has some really tacky stuff going on – er, what else would you expect?!).

Anyway, Paula introduced a select group of us to Omar Martin who was there as part of Mike’s team for the BM event. He showed us behind the scenes of a brand new product that’s just about to launch – Internet Selling For Newbies. Well, what can I say. Just from seeing behind the scenes, it blew me away. The amount of time and effort that has gone into creating this product is patently obvious. The professionalism and detail is just incredible and makes a pleasing change from some of the so-called courses for newbies that are out there. This one literally takes you by the hand and explains everything in a very easy to follow fashion, so that you too can build a successful online business. For example, I have watched the comprehensive videos on HTML that are provided on the free CD-ROM, and learned all sorts of useful information. The study guides and the videos are all clear and straightforward, free of any of the usual hype and fluff that you find on so many other products.

If you want to learn how to build a successful online business, and would like to know the fundamental steps that you need to take, then I personally feel this is THE product for you. I’ve already increased my knowledge and filled in some of the gaps in my mind as far as creating the systems behind the business are concerned – and that’s just from the free CD-ROM, not even starting on the course.
If you’re interested in having a look, please click on the image below.

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Learn the A to Z of Making Money On the Internet!


Get Internet Selling For Newbies now… Click here!

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Back to the M Resort – as you can see from the picture below, this internet marketing world is a lot of hard work. OK, so I’m being slightly facetious – of course there is a lot of work in getting everything set up in the first instance. But then comes the play time! And I for one am all about the play time…

This is my kind of lifestyle - believe it or not we were hard at work here!

This is my kind of lifestyle – believe it or not we were hard at work here!

L-R: Garry Parkes, Nikki Stephens (yep, that’s me again), Omar Martin, Paula Brett, Sandra Rodrigues, Michael Ottman, Gary Simpson

Talking of play time, that evening we watched a hypnotism show by renowned hypnotist Marshall Sylver. Now, it isn’t for me to comment as I was just observing, but the sight of Alex Jeffreys riding around on a toy pony just has to be mentioned! I know, I know – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?!

That night we went to the Bellagio for a few drinks – and didn’t leave till gone 5am. Michael Ottman, Garry Parkes, Omar Martin, Sandra Rodrigues, Dean Holland & I propped up the bar there for a good few hours talking about every possible subject under the sun. That counts as networking, right?

Although that night it was raining when we walked back to our hotel – er, hang on, we were in Vegas!  Honestly, if I’d wanted rain I’d have stayed in England!

So, you may be asking: what did I learn & take away from my visit to Vegas?

Well, that’d be telling – after all, what happens in Vegas…oh, ok, I can at least tell you about the people & some other fundamentals.

1. If you want hot drinks – TAKE A TRAVEL KETTLE WITH YOU!  The hotels no longer provide this (now, this puzzled me – even the UK provides these basics!).

2. You see the best and worst in people when you’re all thrown together however many miles from home.  I felt so supported & included out there, and it was brilliant.  The friendships that we have formed online just got stronger and we made a real bond – I hope everyone else feels the same! (Someone, please back me up on this?!  Thanks – will pay you in kind).

3. So much of the IM world is about networking, whether attending seminars and chatting to the other attendees & presenters, or sitting by the bar talking about things that are nothing to do with work. Building relationships is a vital component to this world.

4. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas of course

5. You are kind of expected to tip everyone all the time.  This is at odds with the traditionally English way of behaving.  Some people however felt the need to give their money to the (allegedly) homeless people & unleash a few moths from their wallet at the same time (yep, Dan Briffa, Dean Holland & Gary Simpson, I’m talking about you).  If you want to see a video of some of their crazy antics, you can click here  (watch from 4:30 onwards if you’re pressed for time)

6. For those of you that are Alex’s students, I would suggest revisiting the module on the Triple Threat Affiliate as we discussed that on Day 2.  Also go check out Jit Uppal and see what he’s up to…

7. They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but I think Las Vegas has to be a contender for that crown. Even when wandering through the hotel at 6am (not that I would be out of bed at that hour of course) there are still people sitting at the machines, mindlessly pumping them full of money. I was tempted to dress up as one of the machines & see if people would post money into me instead…but figured that might get me into more trouble than I could realistically handle.  Still, might be an idea for next time…

8. Those that have made it to the higher echelons of IM are still human, and want to be treated as such.  Personally, when I get there, I will expect the red carpet treatment whereever I go (or should that be a purple carpet?!), and I shall demand all sorts of ridiculous things.  Oh, ok, so I won’t – but it was fun pretending for 2 minutes!

9. Aeroplane food is a whole bag of wrongness. I think because you’re hungry & slightly confused you’ll feast upon it without too much thought, but I had a scary breakfast bagel surprise thing on the way back, and I’m sure I was glowing green after it. Sure, I’m grateful that they fed me, but I wouldn’t give that kind of thing to my cat…it’s probably dosed me up on all sorts of chemicals!


I may well add more to my list as & when I think of things, but now I must go to bed.  I have now returned to the real world and I’ve decided it isn’t entirely the way forward.  Just as well I have a plan really!!

Nikki / PMW

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15 replies
  1. Dean Holland
    Dean Holland says:

    Nikki Nix !!!

    Just about somes it up dont you think 🙂

    Although I must say .. Shame on you for drinking so much !! I would never consume more than an ‘Average’ daily amount right ?? !!

    Come on Omar .. back me up bro !! ha ha ha

    Was real good to meet you Nix, as it was great to meet everyone… I think some amazing things are going to come in the future for all those that were there and anyone that chooses to listen to what they teach !

    Glad your back safe, speak soon

    Dean …. Put the kettle on love !! 🙂


  2. Garry
    Garry says:

    Hi Nikki,

    First of all glad you made it back to the UK safe and sound. You certainly don’t do things in half! Your first time out of the country and you go it alone for the best part of 2 weeks. Hope you had as good a time for the remainder of your holiday as we all had together in that first week.

    It is one of those times that everything just clicked into place for everyone and we had just an awesome and unforgettable time. I bet all the students up were not fortunate enough to go, can just tell what a great time they regrettably missed from the posts that are going up around the blogs and on Twitter. I guess we’ll just have to have another event and do it all again  But of course in amongst all the fun we learnt some great stuff and did a bit of business as well. I’ve written a post over at my place of just what successes people are having as a consequence of Alex’s Coaching Course and long may that success continue for such a great bunch of people.

    Anyway it was really great to meet you in the flesh rather than as just a picture in cyberspace and I’m sure it won’t be long before the gang meet up again.

    Catch you later,


  3. Paula Brett
    Paula Brett says:

    Hey, Nixsy

    I take it you had a quiet day on your first day back at work today, judging by your meaty tome, lol!?

    Here’s to all things sparkly and leopardskin, and another trip to Vegas, yeay

    Speak to you later, hon



  4. Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson says:

    Hey Nix,

    GREAT roundup of events and THANKS a LOT for highlighting some of my nonsense! LOL!

    Seriously, I think you have done a very nice post here of what happened in Vegas.



  5. Hilary Dickinson
    Hilary Dickinson says:

    Hi Nikki

    Well I didn’t expect any less of you all – but it sounds like you had an amazing time in Las Vegas!

    It’s great to read the various posts and see and hear what went on. The videos really help to give us an idea of that ;o)

    Seeing and hearing you is quite different to what we have pictured in our own minds sometimes…

    Looking forward to hearing more about what you learned with Alex and hopefully to meeting you when Alex holds his UK get together!

    Just put the kettle on and I’ll come and join you in the tea drinking!



    Nikki Reply:

    Hey all,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Dean – yep, that’s the summary of events according to my rather tired brain…I’m sure I missed out on all sorts of things! As for drinking, no, you were a paragon of virtue, I didn’t see you touch a drop of alcohol the whole time we were there. Oh, ok, even I can’t lie that much! What were those random Lemon Drop things that I stayed away from? (rather wisely I feel!). And of course it wasn’t you looking round for the next drink as soon as you’d downed the Lemon Drop thing…hmm…

    It was great to meet you as well – don’t forget our plan for world domination!! I’ll stick the kettle on….

    Garry, I know, I’m officially mad. But then you’ve met me, so that shouldn’t come as such a surprise! As I said in the main post above, thank you for being such an excellent travel companion & for putting up with me – er, I mean looking after me from Gatwick to Las Vegas.

    Paula – you know how I like to multitask? I wrote this blog post while you & I were chatting on Monday night (yes, even while we were still chatting at 2am & onwards…). As with my reply to Garry, thank you for looking after me out in Las Vegas & in fact for being my flying companion – I think we made an excellent team. In fact I think we should go out there fourdeen times – just as long as there aren’t any strange accidents with trucks backing into walls & you losing various parts of your anatomy (in-house joke between Paula, TGM and I). As for sparkly things & leopard-print things – I’m so there!

    Talking of TGM – christ, if I’d highlighted all your nonsense then this entire blog would be dedicated to you! As it was I couldn’t resist adding in a little bit here & there. Glad you enjoyed my summary though.

    Hils, good to see you over here! As I mentioned to you on Twitter, I don’t think I sound like I do on the video – but sadly I think it is an accurate(ish) reflection. There are loads of different videos being uploaded to YouTube at the mo with various levels of seriousness / frivolity – the other video I linked above with Dean, TGM and Dan is an example of one of the more entertaining ones. Have no fear, when I’m around the kettle is always on!


    I’m off to the cinema with friends tonight to go and see The Hangover – for those of you that haven’t seen it advertised it’s about the aftermath of a stag do in…yep, you’ve guessed it…Las Vegas! So I’ve already warned my friends that I’ll be spending half the film going “I was there! I was there!”. Oh, that’s in between losing half the popcorn down my top…don’t ask!

    Nikki / Purple Minxy Witch


  6. Jeff Sargent
    Jeff Sargent says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Sounds like you had an excellent time in Vegas. I’ve been there 2 times years ago and there’s just so much to do you need to keep going back. There’s talk about going back next year and if so I will do everything in my power to be there this time.

    There’s a trick to make the room stop spinning and that’s to drink more tea than alcohol and I know you can drink tea.

    I want to know one thing. How come Gary gets to sit on the couch with all those pretty women? I know he’s a character from my chats online but I’d like to meet him in person as I would all of you.

    Jeff Sargent


  7. Michael J Ottman
    Michael J Ottman says:

    Wow, great post PMW. I’m glad that you got home safe and everything turned out well. So sorry about the sick days you had there though. It made me sad that I had to wait until day two to meet you.

    I have lots of random video of you doing your random thing. I may have to send it to you privately. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. LOL

    I joined Dean in quitting my job as of today and I am so excited. Can’t wait to see what happens next and I’ll be coming to the good ol UK as soon as I can so I can hang with the twins, (You and Paula.)

    Thanks for being the first to grab my new report and leave a comment. You will surely get some bonuses from me.

    Talk later girl and spread the randomness all around the globe.

    Michael J Ottman


    Nikki Reply:

    Hey Jeff

    You’re right, there are loads of things to see and do in Las Vegas, and that’s what makes it so muc fun! Ok, so it’s a really random place (but then I’m a really random person, so it kind of figured really!).

    Honestly, by my usual standards I was practically teetotal! I never normally turn down the opportunity to partake in an alcoholic beverage or 3, but I felt so rubbish that I couldn’t face it. That’s how you can tell that I’m really ill!

    As for the Pimp TGM well, what can I say – he has his ways!! You need to make sure you get to the next one so that you can join us on the Chair of Big Pimping.


    Hey Michael sweetie!

    Yes, I got back in one piece (some might say that was a failure?!) and now feel that it was about 3 years ago that I went away (returning to work does that to a person).

    Please please please send the random videos through to me, you know I want to see them!!

    I’ve been flying around everywhere leaving comments congratulating you on quitting your job & officially becoming your own boss – that’s such great news and is very well-deserved. As I said over at Gary’s blog, you’re a superstar!

    I’m glad you added the comment in brackets after referring to coming to the UK to hang out with the twins – some people (mentioning no names!) would read something a little more salacious into that. Ok, so maybe it’s me with the terrible mind.

    By the way, your new report is well worth downloading & reading as I said over at your blog.


    Time for more tea I think.

    The Well-Put-Together Purple Minxy Witch Twin (hey twin Paula!)


  8. Ol' Sand Man!
    Ol' Sand Man! says:

    Great post Nik – Glad you got home safe and great to meet up at Ikea “sweetie”!! You got a good set of pals here and I reckon you’ll do well!!

    Get that e-Book out…You know I’ll sign up ferrit!!!

    The Ol’ Sand…


    Nikki Reply:

    Well well, if it isn’t the Sandy One! So you decided to venture over to see what’s going on over here (*quick, everyone, look busy!*).

    It was indeed most enjoyable to meet up with you on Monday – as you can see from the pictures above, I’m rather enjoying this networking malarkey!

    Talking of my book – it’s in the final stages now, hoping it’ll go live & be available early next week (other commitments allowing!). Then I shall be asking for some big pimping from everyone to make sure the people know it’s available…



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